martes, octubre 02, 2007

Public Wanksport

So the theory is, let's save the planet by not driving cars, which get us from point A to point B roughly when we want to. Let's all use public transport and then lots of people can get nowhere that they want to be when they want to, without harming the environment.

I don't know what it is about public transport that is so shit, apart from the fact that it doesn't fucking work.

'Oh look a timetable' thinks the innocent bystander on the platform, not realising it is a way to divert attention from the fact that the bus/tram/metro that was supposed to appear does not.

How is that supposed to make me not want to drive an earth-killing automobile?

Why bring this up now? Because once again I got let down by the loonies in uniform. Buy a ticket and enjoy a free hour of transport. NO - buy a ticket and enjoy 59 minutes of doing fuck-all in a cold and windy station whilst waiting for your wanker who can't drive in a straight line when all he is has to do is press GO or STOP and occassionally OPEN DOORS or CLOSE DOORS.

Meanwhile, a bunch of tossers in a conference are drinking coffee laughing and saying :-

"Do you really think they'll believe that timetable shit, Quentin?"

"Probably not Tarquin, but have you seen the new retractable roof on my new Bentley?"


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Anónimo dijo...

Pooh shit !

Subway ,of Luc Besson
Money train , of Joseph Ruben
It is not the title of a film ??

"You should try living here" you said newly !! ^o)

Machiavellia dijo...

Nice. I have thankfully only had to rely on public transportation once in my life. 2 hours public transport vs 15 minutes by auto--I might not be a mathematician, but even I figured out that killing the environment was the superior choice. Damn, sorry for the novel.

kimmyk dijo...

we don't have public transportation here where i live.

although i've been thinkin of getting a hybrid car.

i think i'm gonna give up meat whatcha think goth? i'll save an animal while the rest of the world saves a tree.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> Luc Besson = fucking cool

Machiavellia -> I bloody hate public transport, except when I've had a drink or 20, I don't mind fucking myself up but to interfere with someone else's life.....

Kimmy -> give up meat? Fuck that. Hug a burger not a tree ;-)

Tom Joad dijo...

While it's not that great here, I'll take Belgium over the UK for efficiency. I fondly remember pitching up at Hastings station at 05.30 on rainy Monday. After waiting for the train for longer than usual, the following conversation was had between me and a Connex South employee:

TJ: Where's the Ashford Train?
CSE: Cancelled.
TJ: Why?
CSE: Dunno.
TJ How do I get to Ashford to get my Eurostar?
CSE: Not my problem.

Most of the words which followed were said by me and involved a heavy Anglo-Saxon influence.

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Last time I was in UK all my trains were right on time, much to my surprise. However, don't get me started on hairdressers in this country. I've just had my second bad and expensive haircut in a row. I'm going to Lille next time.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tom -> Wasn't the train this time, it was the Metro but I love the 'Anglo-Saxon' analogy

Daphne -> You had a haircut? Hmmm that's why you always wear a hat then ?!

john.g. dijo...

Don't get me going on this save the f*cking planet excuse to tax the arse off everyone, Tossers the lot of them! Tell China about it!

Stacie dijo...

What's a tosser?

Sewmouse dijo...

There is no public transport to speak of where I live.

Someday there may be.

I will move.

I don't like my fellowman/fellowwoman well enough to share commuting time/space with one or more.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> But you can't tell the Chinese - there's like a billion of them, and they're all small and know karate

Stacie -> think masturbation...

Sewmouse -> Bizarre - "I can love my fellow man, but I'm damned if'll love yours" - Sisters of Mercy

Mr Farty dijo...

I swear by public transport.

No, wait.

I swear at public transport.

But I still won't drive. Ner ne ner ner.

Pity I'm such a tosser and fly abroad for my hols :-7

Stacie dijo...

*blushes madly*
Well no wonder my friend from Great Britain laughs like a banshee every time I say "I couldn't sleep at all, I was up all night tossing and turning. oh my!

john.g. dijo...

Stacie, LMAO!

Goth, you have driven me to a rant, which I don't usually do....see blog!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Mr Farty -> shame Pubic Transport is so crap (and no, I didn't miss a letter)

Stacie -> blushes madly - could be worse, in that he/she could have left the mess

Jihad -> On it dude, wait for the next one - it'd straight out of Looneysville ;-)