martes, octubre 09, 2007

Crutching At Straws

So, after meeting my beloved for lunch at a local hostelry, I noticed something slightly untoward.

"Do you sell magic beer?" I asked the barman.

"Well, it's ok but I wouldn't call it magic.... why?" he inquired.

"I can understand when people leave, or forget umbrellas" I started to explain "Newspapers, glasses, hats and all sorts...."

"And your point is?" demanded the now confused barman

"If you look over there" I said, pointing in the direction of said articles "There are crutches. Now I can imagine why you might need them after a night on the piss, but to come in to a pub, drink a few alcoholic beverages and then forget you needed them ?!"

The barman started, what was going to be a phrase like "Fuck off you're taking the..." when he abruptly stopped and said "Bloody hell - you're right".

"It's like the Fugitive" I said "We need to be looking for a one-legged man" (except he was a one-armed man in the film, but the principle is the same, 'ish).

Somewhere in Bruxelles tomorrow, someone is going to jump out of bed and realise that they shouldn't have done that.

So what was the strangest thing you have encountered being left behind (and children don't count)..... ???

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Princess of the Universe dijo...

I can never understand why I always see shoes lying around...or rubber boots.

PI dijo...

Very boring here; nothing more exciting than dressing gown belts and the odd pantie(s) and socks - always odd. Socks that is.

Tom Joad dijo...

There are a number of troubling things, but what always gets me is the single shoe on the motorway. Why only one? There's always a shoe somewhere. Do people just chuck them out of the window - and why only the one?

Transport for London report that there are at least 3 prosthetic limbs left on buses and the tube every year. That's just mad.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Princess -> I always assumed it was kleptomaniacs who steal the one shoe outside a shop and then ditch them later

Pat -> Panties? Yikes, can only imagine why that is

Tom -> I read about prosthetic limbs being left on trains going into Grand Central. I particularly liked the urn containing a womans husbands ashes (apparently, he'd been cheating on her !!)

zoe dijo...

a full nappy on a car windscreen.

i left it there.

john.g. dijo...

False teeth in the pub urinal! Not mine!

Stacie dijo...

well...a woman left a stroller in my classroom once, but thankfully she took the kid with her!

That story is hilarious Goth. I can't imagine someone forgetting that they need crutches...LOL

Here in the states we actually have a beer named magic. Though, now that I've said that, I think it's actually Magic Hat.

yorlor dijo...

i think it is magic hat, and a skunky hippy beer at that. ew.
give me fat tire any day. now that's a pint full of yum.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Zoe -> That must have been fun to come back to...

JG -> Yikes, would make you afraid to get your bits out

Stacie -> aw, you could have got a free kid

Yorlor -> one of the few good things about Belgium is that we have more varieties of beer than any other country - no hippy shit required

JolietJake dijo...

I have the answer. I worked in the insurance game many moons ago, people would try to defraud the Employers Liability (Workers Comp in USA) by fiening injuries. Your man was pretending and forgot after a few beers.

I bet there was a detective outside the pub making a video.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JJ -> Gadzooks - you sold the 'fear of death' too? Hated it and got out ASAP