martes, octubre 30, 2007

Occams Razor

So this is why all those gits in the bible kept harping on about god - because they were afraid of getting their beards shaved off. The god thing/he/she doesn't exist according to Friar Bill (sorry, William) of Ockham, the creator of this theory, who was a monk.

Actually, that's not exactly what he said, but we Goths were a bit too busy trying to invent Jack Daniels at the time to explain it to him. And, Gillette, being a lazy bastard hadn't even been born at that time, so he was about as much use as tits on a bull.

Let me explain a little.

Firstly, Occams Razor, which you may or may not of heard of, is a principle which explains that the 'explanation of anything should involve as few assumptions as possible'. Which, in modern language translates roughly to 'it just fucking is, alright !!'. In theory, it's like trying to explain algebra to someone who knows bugger all about it.

Secondly, lots of famous people utilised and argued with this theory including Copernicus, Da Vinci, Newton, Darwin, Einstein and Charlie from 'Num3ers'. Except that no-one took it down to real basics. "Look, a big bang" said Einstein and people thought he was explaining the birth of the universe rather than his theory of the atom bomb.

And so onto religion (HA - and you can stop groaning at the back) - they use it here too. "I can explain why god exists" - "Bet you can't - my argument has less letters and therefore is proof of Occams Razor".

Lovely quote here - "If the concept of God does not help to explain the universe, it is argued, God is irrelevant".

All of this created by a 14th Century Franciscan friar. Bet he got his arse kicked by the other Monk(ey)s later. Just hope he had learned that walking on rice-paper trick.

BTW - Blog Birthday tomorrow - i.e. Halloween - 1 year already..... go figure. Bizarre.... a whole year of weirdness is Goth World

*wanders off to look for a fresh bottle of JD to celebrate*

15 comentarios:

Grumpy Old git dijo...

That made as much sense as a pool of horse shit under a camel! Were you pissed when you wrote that? Or influenced by the desire to utter a complete load of rubbish? Jeez ... and I thought John G was mad, but beside you he seems to be a rational human being.

SusannahS dijo...

Occam's razor...isn't that how I explain why my legs are suddenly smoothy-smooth when I assume that someone might touch them (my legs, not the razor)....

Gorilla Bananas dijo...

The Monks were replaced by The Monkees...who were all clean shaven. Did Micky Dolenz ever have a moustache?

john.g. dijo...

Goth, I agree, and deny any knowledge of the grumpy old git, who is as mad as a bag of demented aardvarks!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dear Grumpy Old Git -> if you don't like it, don't fucking read it moron

Susannahs -> I thought that was a lady-shave

GB -> Good point - now I'm a believer

JG -> grumpy old git never has sex ever (hee, hee - that'll teach the twat to get arthritis of the wrists

Keith dijo...

Well, I only intended my comment as a joke, but seeing as you took it the wrong way I too, can be slightly abusive.

I would sooner contract AIDS via the simultaneous insertion of 1,000 napalm-tipped rectal thermometers than ever comment on your site again. If I were to be shot in the kneecaps, bitten by a rabid dog, beaten by a gang of old women, accosted by a group of bikers, and then chained to their bikes and dragged willy-nilly through a patch of bramble bushes, I'd still consider that a better day than any I spent reading your blogpage. Your very existence forces god-fearing christians to question their faith.

Tom Joad dijo...

I don't know... I take a day off from blogging and arseing around on other's blogs and I miss all the fireworks - and it's not even Guy Fawke's. Blimey, you can't skip a day, can you?

Ariel dijo...

The quote is brilliant and applicable to most things in life. If you do that however, you soon find that most things and people are irrelevant, which is rather depressing. I can therefore see the attraction of a good JD at this point. Happy bloggy birthday! Cheers!

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

"Your very existence forces god-fearing christians to question their faith." That's exactly what you want, isn't it Goth?

Keith, if you are that sensitive, you should be a bit nicer to Zoe. Do as you would be done by an all that.

Never mind Occam's razor, I'm still trying to get my head around Schroedinger's cat who is following me around at the moment yowling and cadging food. Oh no wait a minute, that's Scrumpy.

Tom Joad dijo...

A birthday and no post (or are you waiting for the witching hour?). Anyway, happy blogday.

Keith dijo...

D W-B - I do "do unto others as I am done by". I am constantly harrassed by the neighbours and other locals for the simple reason that I'm an old man living on my own and not christian like they are. Do you wonder that I get bitter sometimes, and lash out at all and sundry?

I don't think I hurt Zoe, she knows me better than that. I just pull her leg a little. Keeps her on her toes!

PI dijo...

Happee Aneeversaree!
Carry on!

PI dijo...

And BTW birds in the nest agree:)
Just call me Pollyanna.

SpanishGoth dijo...

I shall refrain from weplying to comments as I am still pissed from birthday celebwations.

Hooway for god, and his angels and other biblical non-entities.

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