domingo, octubre 07, 2007

Sleep Tagging

OK - I will take the challenge on and discuss 'sleep-tagging' because I'm originally from Wales, and it's amazing what might happen in your valley, if you're not careful.

Mr Clever Pants, JJ, wanted to know what 'sleep-tagging' is and so I feel duty bound to explore this whole side of sexuality. Actually, I don't know fucking anything about it but I know it will piss him off, especially as it is something his therapist told him not to discuss - (the little list of shrinks - bit of a Freudian slip up the bottom).

Anyway, sleep = stuff like being dead, without the ceasing to exist part, because that would be silly, not to mention, pointless, or endless or something - with an annoying inevitability.

Tagging = announcing that something belongs to you, even though you can't actually own it, in a graffitti type way - por ejemplo "I will spray my name on this train, as it is passing, really fast, but everyone will know that my name is Squiggle, but in different colours.".

Thus, if you put the two together, you get..... babies, or a sexually transmitted disease.

Oops, sorry, I was supposed to be explaining 'sheep shagging' or something like that.

Pehn Di Phuddi

I only know 2 phrases in Punjabi, and that is one of them. But I do know how to say Ben Zoma, in Hebrew, which is kind of handy when you're rewriting the Bible.

I tag JJ (but you can join in if you want), to write a story involving:-

Motorhead, drugs, wine, women and song - in French.

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SpanishGoth dijo...

Yay - first, but, in an understated fashion

The Aunt dijo...

OK. Is this having sex while you're asleep?

I dreamt my boobs had melted the other day. It was very disturbing. I had to go and check in a mirror.

You can't be first on your own Comments.

Anónimo dijo...

"I will spray my name on this train, as it is passing, really fast, but everyone will know that my name is Squiggle..."??

With a TGV this crackles, the signature leaves commata and apostrophes on the bottom of trousers!!

Simon "Ben Zoma"(זומה) Pierre le Pêcheur ?

john.g. dijo...

Non comprendo le frog lingo.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Aunty -> My fucking blog - I'll do what I bloody well choose, and I was first - so there

Dip-Dop -> well I suppose Pierre le Pêcheur is better than Joe Le Taxi

JG -> it's easy, like 'Ribbit', but without the onions

Anónimo dijo...

Tu as tout à fait raison *-)

JolietJake dijo...

I've allready written "Wine Tasting with Motorhead", I'm not doing it again, as they say "it's the same in any language" so there.


You Sick Bastard! dijo...

-Motorhead, drugs, wine, women and song-

Sounds like the thesis to my blog.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> Bien sur, le monde de Goth c'est tres..... something

JJ -> oh, Mr 'don't read blogs' - I know, just fancied winding you up (but I thought it was wine tasting with a Belgian twat)

YSB -> your blog has a thesis? That is so un-rock n roll that I should stab you in the head with a pencil ;-)