sábado, febrero 17, 2007

The Brusselly Hillbillys

*sing along to The Beverly Hillbillies

theme tune - or just read it at the correct metre.

Come and listen to my story about a girl named Zed,
Her boyfriend is a twat or so this is what she said,
And then one day Q was borrowing M's car,
Crash, smash - window broken and repair shops where they are.

Yes folks, it's the Brusselly Hillbillys

Tippler comes alone and he's smiling like a cat,
"I've got sweetcorn on my nob", he announces to the twat,
All the girls are horrified with his vulgar little tale,
All the blokes start to snigger as Lauras face turns pale.

Tears, fears and would be movie stars

Aunty M has returned from places oh so far,
But Arthur has been doofered and now she has no car,
"Never mind" she says so sweetly, "at least I have my stick",
"I'll bonk him on the head, the stupid little prick".

*banjo solo* #ding ding ding dum de de dum dum ding de ding de do....."#

Queen Daphne came along, that's Daphne-Wayne Bough,
She said "come along dear, the name rhymes with muff,"
If you don't know what a muff is you need to go to school,
Otherwise you know love, spend your future as a fool.

Texas tea - bigger than English tea y'all

Spanish Goth was busy, busy like a little bee,
Mariposa had allowed him for one night to drink JD,
"No flirting with the Drama Queen please" this is what she said,
"Otherwise you won't be sleeping in MY warm and cosy bed."

So this is the story, exactly as it's told,
Of the Brussels Bloggers, sorry if it's old,
Apologies for those that I might have missed out,
Stand higher on the rooftop and give a mighty shout.

*fade out*#ding ding ding dum de de dum dum ding de ding de do....."#

4 comentarios:

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Yeehah! Ah do declayah honey, that sho is a purdy little ditty. You got poetry in yo soul, boy!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Hee hee - get your stetson on and doosie-do your partner

MKWM dijo...

*standing higher on the rooftop, giving a mighty shout*

Hey, Goth Master, I didn't ask for the rose. I would have liked one more couplet in your song, am I asking too much?

SpanishGoth dijo...

I couldn't think of anything suitable at the time - leave it with me and I'll sort something out today.....