viernes, febrero 09, 2007

In Your Soul

Sorry not to have been around, busy being ill *coughs*. Anyway, after Drama Queens kind invitation to be guest on her blog earlier this week, I realised I have never posted any of my own poetry/lyrics on mine *slaps hand*. So, be warned....

In Your Soul

I'll drink of the blood and taste of the bread
and cherish the thought of you in my head
I'll drink to you love and cry you a tear
I'll think of your image while you're not here

Dream of the moon and call to the stars
Dream of me now no matter how far
Away I might be in body and soul
I lie in your arms, your heart and your soul

Alone you may be but imagine me there
Lying beside you to memories share
Times now opaque, gone for awhile
Picture me there my radiant child

At night you will feel my presence within
In the dark I will hold you, gather you in
Protect you from voices and images white
Protect and caress you throughout the night

Before dawn can break and shadows appear
Can you see my image within your tears
Cry for me not, waste not your tears
It will not be long before I appear
I'll show you a light where once there was none
And fight all your battles until they're won

Pray for the hour before dawn can break,
I pray for the dark, my entrance to make

Copyright ©ST 2007

a luego,
*coughs again and crawls back under the duvet*

14 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

Lovely poetry, comme toujours.

Get well soon, Goth Master. xxx

SpanishGoth dijo...

Thanks honey - had to drag myself into work today as too much was backlogging. Feel like squashed shit but, the show must go on.

Tippler dijo...

Well, try answering yer fuggin' emails while you've got yer eyes open.

SpanishGoth dijo...

already done it - and entered the quiz boy

Wasn't in work yesterday, poorly bad on two chairs :-((

Spent the whole day in bed which normally would be good but....not when you feel like hammered shit

Drama Queen dijo...

Rest up my fair one.

Lovely poem, made me think of my mum and nearly made me shed a tear. . .


PI dijo...

That is beautiful poem/lyric. Quite moving. Get well soon.
Lucky me - I've never felt like hammered shit - yet.

Going Through a Tough Time dijo...

loved it but you bloody made me cry and I thought maybe today I'd get away with not doin that.No such luck I really should invest in some waterproof make up I'd be savin myself a fortune.

You Sick Bastard! dijo...

good stuff

MKWM dijo...

Likewise, YSB, three awesome blogs!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. If I made you cry, I apologise but obviously either a) the lyrics work b) you needed to cry or c) both.

Grand besos a todos XXX

Going Through a Tough Time dijo...

I didn't need to cry as was having a very nice day thank you very much, so obviously your lyrics worked. well done on making a grown woman cry when she thought she was having a day off from it!

SpanishGoth dijo...

I'm sorry *bows in apology* didn't mean to make you cry. I was going to say I'll post something more cheerful and then I remembered what I posted yesterday....oops

Going Through a Tough Time dijo...

it's ok crying i'm used to. laughing though, now there's a thing that's in short supply, definitely need more of that.though had a cd in my shop today called housewives favourites (something to do with creating ambience-don't ask!) laughed out loud when heard doris day singing about her sugarbush!!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Wow - tasty. Like the sound of that - Calamity have been warned ;-)