miércoles, junio 20, 2007

The Evil That Men Do

I know, it's ripped from an Iron Maiden track but, I feel the need, the need to apologise.

I'm sorry Mariposa - I fucked up, again. So here it is.....

Fear not, for I trust you, with all of my heart
I just hate being without you, if we are apart
I feel so bereft, I'm so blown away
For here in my arms is where you should stay

I searched for so long to find my soul mate
It pulls at my soul that it so aggravates
The one piece to complete my fragile soul
Forever, together, it's my only goal

When tears trickle down my sad Gothic face
It's you that I turn to, only you can replace
The sadness within, the aching that pours
From my soul, I am sorry, I'll always be yours

With a touch you can soothe all my broken fears
So gently, you wash away most of my tears
I should stay so strong and be there for you now
It's hard, but I'll try, always but somehow

Fear not for I trust you, with all of my heart
I just hate being lonely, when we are apart

9 comentarios:

You Sick Bastard! dijo...

Just take some ritalin before you go to bed and you'll be ooooook.

zoe dijo...

i'm sorry for having to back out of lunch today. friday ?

Drama Queen dijo...

*yikes* are we allowed to ask what you did?

phoenix dijo...

with sorry's like that I'm sure all will be well x

Honey dijo...

Hope it worked, she's worth all the poetry you have and then more.. plus we get to read it,

MKWM dijo...

Saying 'I'm sorry' and writing poetry are great things but I sure hope this will be the very last time you feel the need to apologise.

SpanishGoth dijo...

YSB -> Ritalin? Is that made from real Rits?

Zed -> no problemo

DQ -> nothing actually

Phoenix -> It will be tx

Honey -> Oh, I have lots of poetry and songs

Minky -> Saying sorry is an ongoing process

PI dijo...

Being able to say sorry is an admirable trait - and rare in a man.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Pat -> Thankyou my love, at least you were listening...