lunes, abril 16, 2007

Goth Bond - Gothfinger - Part III

The plane touches down in America and Goth Bond strokes Pussy gently to awaken her. Pussy Galores lips part invitingly and Goth Bond smiles - he knows she's in good hands. After they have gone through the airport VIP channel, the American agent meets them. "Lighter?" asks Bond. "Yes, Felix Leiter" replies the not so cunningly disguised American spy. "No" says Goth Bond "Do you have a lighter? I really need a cigarette".

Meanwhile, Pussy is purring in Goths ear "I really, really need to go to bed" - "Yes I know" says Goth Bond "but first, we need to sort out that Blowjob".

"Sorry to interrupt" says Felix "But we have a world to save, and I've got everything you requested - walk this way". "In these leather trousers?" enquires Goth showing Leiter his skin tight, buttock hugging leather trousers that women keep wanting to lick for some reason. "Ok, just follow me" replies Leiter.

The three of them arrive at a beautiful Aston Martin Advantage. "Wow" says Bond "I bet she goes" - "Oh yes" replies Felix, grinning like a cat, she goes "vrooooom, vroooooooom, squeal, vroooom". "Not quite what I meant" says Bond "but I assume all the modifications have been done?". "Yup" says Felix "although I don't know what an ejaculator seat does". "Kind of tosses you in some direction" says Bond dismissively whilst continuing to examine all the other gadgets U has installed.

"Don't we have to go somewhere?" asks Pussy. "Indeed" says Bond, "but we'll be arriving in style". "Isn't arriving like coming?" asks Pussy and Goth nods his head knowing it's going to be a very long day. "Look Felix" says Bond "thanks for the help but I think it better that you stay here - I get a bit wary of strangers Felix".

Goth and Pussy climb into the Aston Martin together and burn rubber.

Whilst this is occuring, Blowjob is making sure that all the little soldiers are going where they are supposed to. "Put that thing up there" demands Blowjob and watches carefully that the result match his expectations. He knows the earth is going to move when he has completed his dirty deed. He throws his head in the air and cackles "Nothing can stop the Blowjob bwahahahahaha" and has to pause briefly for air "hahahahahaha"

Meanwhile Goth Bond and Pussy have come, out of sight to Blowjob. It's one of the perils of only having one good eye. "Ok" says Bond "Here's the plan. You stay here in the car and when you get my signal press the third button on the right". Pussy tenderly motions across the nobs in front of her - "This one?" she enquires. "Indeed" says Bond "The one that says Boom" on it. He knows that this adventure with Pussy will have a climatic ending.

Meanwhile Blowjob has nearly set all of the nuclear devices to blow up Fort Knockers (He's not called Blowjob for nothing). World markets will crumble, he will be master of all he surveys (with his one good eye, so approximately half the world).

Bond speaks into his watch "Ok U, I need guns, lots of guns" and suddenly an arsenal of weapons appears in front of him like a supermarket, but of guns - not a baked bean in sight. He selects the ones he wants and with a clenched fist, shoots off a round or two. "Excellent" he declares. "Now to sort Blowjob out".

Like the devastating killing machine he is, Goth Bond kills all the bad soldiers on his way to Blowjob but when he arrives, Blowjob just cackles "Too late Bond - in 3 minutes the bombs go off". Bond pulls out the hugest vibrator in the world and declares "Not yet Blowjob". "HA" says Blowjob "What's that?" - "Voices activated revenge" says Bond "HA" says Blowjob "Magic dildo my arse" .... there's a whoosh and then a steady thrumming sound "Yowzer" exclaims Blowjob, looking like a red lollipop.

Bond diffuses the bombs and signals to Pussy that it's her turn to come. She gets out of the car, wondering what would have happened if she'd pressed the Boom button but Goth just smiles at the camera and mouths "It's only the stereo" as Pussy is all over him.

#Da da dee da dee da da#

Fade out as Goth Bond gets his Pussy and saves the world - normal day at the orifice really.

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Mr. X dijo...


More Bonding, please. With Pussy.
And explosive climaxes.

(That was not an instruction, BTW, merely cheap smut)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Cheap smut is always welcomed in GothWorld - the motto being "Come in and relieve yourself....if you want" :p

Ariel dijo...

Love it. Makes my current frustration even more poignant, in a comedic kind of way of course. *whimper*

Aunty Marianne dijo...

Finally! The leather trousers! Yes! Yes! YEEEEEEEES!

Shaz dijo...

Licks her lips at the thought of those but huggin' leathers . . Hmmmm. "Come" back Mr Bond Goth plz x

SpanishGoth dijo...

I knew there was a reason I bought leather trousers - now all is apparent. If only I too could be like Goth Bond ;-)

phoenix dijo...

leather mmmm!
you're definitely the naughty one cos for your info only 2 dates and a couple of snogs, i've actually been away in sunny scotchland on hols for a bit cheeky sod! decided that dating sucks and i'm going to stay a recluse attached to my computer anyway.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Me naughty? never. And *pauses to raise one eyebrow* why am I a cheeky sod?

I would agree that dating sucks though - well the best ones do

*runs off laughing*

kimmyk dijo...

And here I thought only rockstars wore leather trousers. Sexxxah!

You are one smart and very crafty man with the words!

Anónimo dijo...

Yes, yes, yes, there is all, the leather of "Aunty" but attention it
appears that between the legs that heats!!
L' Aston Martin, super! And
then it is excellent!!!
Ha! So another thing, I will not in the same way look at any more my cat!

Drama Queen dijo...

She returns another year older and some the wiser. I certainly like the sound of Goth Bond(age).

SpanishGoth dijo...

Kimmy -> but I was a rock-star (a long time ago) so I know what Goth Bond feels like in leather

Dip-Dop -> "between the legs that heats" - hmmm, sounds interesting :p

DQ -> welcome back and welcome forward to Goth Bond-age adventures in the not too distant future

bananas62 dijo...

skin tight, buttock hugging leather trousers!!! OMG!!!

**breathing really heavily ~dreaming of getting her hands on some of that leather!!!***

excellent climax!! end of story...

giving you a standing O

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tx Bananas - glad you liked it. If it made you smile, this is good...anything else I'm not responsible for - blame it on Bond (the sexy little rascal ;-)