jueves, marzo 08, 2007

The Guest Appearance - Drama Queen

So, welcome to my world my innocent *winks* Drama Queen. Here is a posting from my erstwhile lover and quite literally Angel Of Delight *bows and allows her to step forward* (nice butt)

It's always exciting popping round to Goth’s place. It’s so dark and the walls scream with the possibility that anything could (and does) happen. I’ve been here to confess that Boyfriend likes me to wear long black leather pointy boots naked and slithered right back to my Palace with my lipstick and reputation perfectly in tact.

Coming for a quickie is one thing but panic has set in at possibility of staying here all day, hanging around afterwards to check exactly how was it for you, listening to your feedback and promising to satisfy you harder next time. I feel vulnerable, dirty and used.

I kind of like it.

*Strokes her tight rubber cat suit*

So, as you tell, I’ve decided to let my inner Gothess out, sometimes the pastels and the curls can be so restricting. I guess they also lead you up a path of virtuous removed from the little vixen of a Queen who calls her Jesters for a quick servicing.

So #ahem# how does one go about being a Gothess?

My only interaction with Goths lies in the famous Cockburn Street* in Edinburgh. Infested with white faced, purple haired, studded youths, walking each other like dogs on metal chains. Some wear t-shirts referencing Devil worshipping and I do believe they’ve met him since how could they survive in summer with hoodies, tights and floor length leather jackets if they weren’t already familiar with fiery climes.
* not kidding.

As a fully fledged adult these kids scare me, so imagine what it was like being a young indie kid cutting through this street, making my way to the vintage area of town. All conversed out and flared up only to come face to face with a Goth boy clad in steel and leather. Bang into them and you get no apologies, they just stand their ground and grunt (possibly praying for an invisible gutting tool so they can spew your insides on the pavement and eat them).

I guess I just don’t understand them and what I don’t get, I fear. But they really don’t help their cause with all their bat eating and random acts of submissive sex.

*hunts for erotica and instruments of terror*


What’s this?

*Picks up a photo of two little stars*

It's Goth’s kids, smudged with a Gothic tear of longing.

Surely it’s not possible that amongst that ‘I don’t give a fuck, I’m a Goth’ attitude there lies a Father aching to be with his children. He who stores his sanity in a bag with some squirrels and who rewrites The Bible making Noah a pot-head doesn’t need these little people to feel, well, complete.

Nah, when the Devil made Goths he took away their compassion and gave them extra hair foiciles.

I mean seriously look at those children. There they are all smily. And all happy and normal and everthing. And well very, very beautiful.

And so obviously very muched loved by their proud Father.

*DQ sheds a tear for Goth’s longing*

Lesson learnt I guess. Don’t judge a Gothic book by its black leather cover. Don’t come over to Goth’s place and expect tales from the underworld (but some times do). Don’t be surprised to see the Dark One lurking about my Palace simply admiring the prettiness (but sometimes looking up my dress).

Navigate about and stumble into a room where a blonde Queenie is having tea with an appropriately suited Goth. Find another one where is his getting her drunk hoping he'll get laid.

Let the Internet break down your preconceptions because real life doesn't allow much opportunity for it.

Oh, and don’t be scared to wear rubber, it fits quite nicely.

We wuv ooo Goth.

*DQ takes a bow and exists with mariposa's nipple clamps*

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Drama Queen dijo...
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Drama Queen dijo...

*DQ taps the table and waits for her guests*

Drama Queen dijo...

*DQ takes a bow and exists with mariposa's nipple clamps*

Actually the 'exists' should be 'exits'.

Gee, I look like a retard.

Teeny dijo...

The goths on Cockburn Street look a bit scary but in my experience they're quite harmless. They always block the stairs at the top of Fleshmarket Close (do you think they deliberately choose the dodgiest-sounding places in Edinburgh?!) but they do move if you need to get past. True, you feel their dead, hollow eyes boring into your back after you've passed, and they're probably aiming an imaginary gun at your head, but you can't have everything...

Nice gothic post Queenie!

Shaz dijo...

DQ you've done him proud but don't be fooled by pictures of sweet little girlies . . . . they grow up into make-up munching, perfume stealing, money extortionists. I should know I have similar "pretty pictures" from years ago & now all I have to show for it is an empty bank balance & make-up bag, 1 tom-boy skater & a wanna-be Chav now!!!

Goth tries to allude us with his blog-worthy posts but we all know he's a pussy cat underneath x x x
Come on you promised me vino & a crash party if I followed you over hear so crank up the music & ignore those neighbours

Aunty Marianne dijo...

I don't think this post changed my impression of the Goth, but it did of the Drama Queen.

Or is it Goth posting AS the Drama Queen... (lifts index finger to lower lip and stares off into distance...)

Calamity Jane dijo...

They must breed goths tougher oop north. The only ones I've ever met have been sweet gentle, free-thinking souls who write poetry and spend more on makeup & nail varnish in a month than I do in a decade.

But as you're there in his lair have you found his underwear drawers yet? I've always wondered what they under under the lace and leather - M&S tighty whiteys would be a bit of a disappointment. Maybe they go commando?

bananas62 dijo...

Nipple clips!!! Cool! nice to see the other side, but don't worry I won't tell.... sssshhhhhhh

Drama Queen dijo...

Teeny, I guess its just a case of bark being worse than bite but those boring eyes to freak me out.

Shaz, someone came for party. Yeah. What'll it be on the juke box?

Aunty, oh don't disapprove. Somtimes it's just nice to visit the dark side. I'll return all sweetness and light tomorrow. And I'll be sure to return the nipple clamps. Maybe.

CJ, give me a minute *fumbles in tops drawer* oh we have, oh er, I don't think I should say. . .*blushes*

Bananas, don't tell anyone from my Palace. They'll only make a fuss. . .

phoenix dijo...

Will you just stop it with the nipple clamps young lady! tsk tsk you should know by now that you should never take someone elses... get your own!!

James dijo...

An intriuging alter ego DQ. Shall we call you Goth Queen?

Drama Queen dijo...

Sorry Phonenix, must stop helping myself to others kinky sex toys, bad DQ *slaps wrists*.

James, mmm not so sure. I think if you start down this path its hard to shake and before you know it I'll be all Girl With A One Track Mind. I like my little safe corner of t'internet. *pack backs and thinks about her retreat*

Drama Queen dijo...

*pack backs and thinks about her retreat*

Bags, I mean bags.

I am a lazy whore on other peoples blogs. I actually make an effort to proof read my own. . .Your's, not so much. . .

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ha ha - so, as I sit at the airport t'internet cafe - I laugh at what has been done.

DQ is a babe, my virtual babe, and if you don't like what she wrote - fuck it, I'll set the bats loose.

As for the 'nipple clamps' I left it in but I fear reality and imagination are too heady a combination for Queenie

*winks and departs to catch a plane to Spain*

Tippler dijo...

Goth, look up 'erstwhile', mate.

She's your 'ex' already? That was quick...

*buggers off looking all smug*

Fookin' journos, eh?

PI dijo...

I have come as instructed. I can't remember how, but I already knew Goth was a sweety. Enjoy your stay.

Cat dijo...

I was never a goth, but I was a full-blown hippy chick. Long drippy skirts, crochet things, DM boots, big old men's cardis - the works. Weirdly, I had the exact same haircut, only red.

Drama Queen dijo...


Goth go here. Looking for funny posts for a published comic reflief book, none of mine make the grade. I don't fink.

*still wandering about looking my wit*

SpanishGoth dijo...

Cor, hot in here or is it just me......?

SpanishGoth dijo...

oh, and T-Meister - I know the meaning of erstwhile - was the nipple clamp thing that made me do a runner.

Incidentally, flight to Rome sir?

Mr Farty dijo...

"how could they survive in summer with hoodies etc."

DQ, you're sure you've been to Embra? The only way you can tell it's summer is the sleet turns to rain.

Nice post, tx.

You Sick Bastard! dijo...

I love goths. So dark and mysterious. Since I don't see many goths here I just eventually became one of the "normal" people which sucks.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Mr F -> she is from those parts, her skin started as a cute shade of blue before I warmed her up and she turned pink

YSB -> you already are Goth, but not american Goth (wankers) who wouldn't know Goth if it landed on their head in 16 foot high letters

Drama Queen dijo...

Yep MR FARTY I is from the burgh. Sometimes its warm around festival time. Honest. It is.

You Sick Bastard! dijo...

How can people consider themselves goth a listen to Good Charlotte? Makes me wanna slap some sense in them.

MKWM dijo...

I had to look up 'erstwhile', 'foiciles' and 'smug' as I didn't know the meaning of these words (didn't find 'foiciles' by the way).

DQ, I'm amazed by your vivid imagination. Dramatic lesson learned I guess. Never judge a Queen by her tight rubber cat suit.

SpanishGoth dijo...

YSB - > Ha ha - Charlotte Sometimes and if you don't get that reference you deserve to be shot, up the arse, with a bazooka by Robert Smith

Minky -> I knew what DQ meant (I was in bed with her at the time ;-) for 'foiciles' she actually meant hair (and I don't care as she made an effort, and I think she desereves caressing until the end of time)

SpanishGoth dijo...

for 'desereves' read deserves - yes, she's that good that she makes a goth blather (sorry Minky you'll be in the dictionary again)

DQ -> I will protect you always my love *puts on his Matrix coat*

Drama Queen dijo...

Jees. Last time I make an effort here then. Goth you could have proof read it for me. . . .

You saw my errors yet you still posted. *hmmmm*

MKWM dijo...

I'm not complaining about being sent to the dictionary all the time. On the contrary, I'm grateful to be learning every day.

'in bed with her at the time'? This must be yet another insight of your vivid imagination and wishful thinking. A virtual babe does indeed make any man blather, I do believe that!!

So Drama Queen is back to her Palace with lipstick and reputation perfectly intact. Now if she was to meet you in person, I'm not sure this would still be the case! But I know you are nothing but a sweety and that she'd be safe under your leather coat. That is if she doesn't run away as soon as she sees you, because I also fear reality and imagination are too heady a combination for Queenie.

Mr Farty dijo...

Thought I was losing it, couldn't see DQ on my blogroll. Up, down...ah. 'A' for Adventures. Phew. Still sobering up from last night.