sábado, marzo 24, 2007

What's it all About Alfie?

**Warning do not read this under the influence of drugs, except tranquilizers **

Another Gothic leap of thought processes - separated by punctuation this time.....

It's not really that complex really. You are born, you live and you die. Hooray - break out the marshmallows and chestnuts as we have another bonfire (sorry, cremation) to to attend. People die, it is their destiny - it's kind of like frogs were destined to limp in France (yup, Frog Aid has arrived, and the french can eat only one leg at any sitting, well, falling over, thingummy jigummy).

No need for DNA, resuscitation or any of those marvellous men (or women) in their medical machines - we are all on a highway to hell. It's downhill, like a ski slope and if you avoid the trees, you last longer. Just don't be dyslexic otherwise you might mistake zigging with zagging and *SPLAT*.

Reproduction - great idea, very poorly planned I think. Thus we have a proliferation of idiots who don't understand birth control and reproduce like, something that reproduces reallly fast, eg fungus, and a plethora of nice people who couldn't reproduce if their life depended on it (or subsequent generations to be more correct). *Sorry if I made you reach for the dictionary.*

So anyway, I'm having a bit of a rant because.....well, because I can. I could give you a thousand and one reasons for anything, given the time....but the first one would probably be the best. Number 1 is.... (shit, I've forgotten now..had something to do with spiders I'm sure).

Reason? No, well there isn't one really, but, if there was, it would reflect my thought process and scare the shit out of small furry mammals like hamsters, and mice, and doofers (and yes, you can go and check the definition for 'plethora' thankyou).

Regardless of my trepidation, I hold THREE things true:-
  • I Live
  • I Learn
  • I Love
After that, I die.....

Thus, as it is weekend, join in the fun with the top ten Goth songs of all time (available through Goth-Life Music), sing-a-long-a-Goth :-

#White Goth-mass# - Goth Crosby
#Goth save the Queen# - The Goth Pistols
#You're the Goth that I want (oo oo oo)# - Goth Travolta & Olivia Newton Goth
#(I Did it) Goths way# - Goth Sinatra
#Whisky in the Goth# - Goth Lizzy
#Goth This Way# - Gothasmith and Goth DMC
#Goth is all Around me# - Goth, Goth, Goth
#Sweet Goth of Mine# - Goths and Roses
#Paint it Goth# - The Rolling Goths
#Give Goth a Chance# - Goth Lennon & Yoko Gotho

Feel free to suggest your own anthems of Goth for inclusion on the next crap-i-lation "The Best of Goth .. Ever" (since the last one stopped selling)

Rant over.........

7 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Monsieur Goth,
Quoi ! Comment, des grenouilles boiteuses, cul-de-jatte, sont-elles aphrodisiaques? Sur la route de l’enfer on évite les platanes, un zig puis un zag, la peur n'évite pas le danger, Hé ! Paf la grenouille ! Les idiots prolifèrent aussi vite que rana qui crôasse et se multiplie, à quand la pilule pour les batraciens ?

Mr. X dijo...

We would add "Goth Now" by the Moody Goths.

No particular reason, though.

MKWM dijo...

Master Goth, you made me laugh again, thank you so much. I didn't need to look for πληθόρα or any other word in the dictionary.

Loved your rant and crap-i-lation. May I suggest
#In Goth's Country# - Goth 2

kimmyk dijo...

Might I add-

#How I wish you were Goth#-Pink Goth.

That's always been one of my favs.

James dijo...

Viva Las Goths, ZZ Goth

Aunty Marianne dijo...

There, I've done the damn tag, are you happy?

Goth Golly Ms Molly (aka Mariposa).

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ha ha - gonna have people substituting Goths everywhere now :)

and yes Aunty M, I've seen the damn tag grrrrrr ;-)