jueves, marzo 01, 2007

Heads up - You've Been Tagged

As I was generally wandering around Blogsville, peacefully minding my own business, a challenge came in. What's in your handbag? What bloody handbag? I am not a frog and therefore I will NOT be carrying a handbag. If it doesn't fit in my pockets, I don't need it.

Now if I did have a handbag - what would I keep in it? Bottle of vodka, cigarettes, possibly multi-pack condoms (better safe than sorry - never know when you might need to water-bomb someone) and my iPod or Muppet-3 as I term it. This gave me an idea so I created a different TAG.......

Now I can't do the bag-tag that's going around at the moment (contents of my handbag being fuck all) so I'm going to create another TAG - if you have an iPod, you have to switch it to random and list (truthfully) the first ten songs, artists that it throws up and seeing as you cannot tag just one person I tag the following 5:-

Shaz, Drama Queen, Teeny, Tippler, and Cat

Answers on your blogs please and then you have to TAG another 5 peeps - let the fun begin.

(No iPod? not getting out that easy, pretend you have one and let's hear what weird crap you listen to.....)
... and wouldn't you just know it, I got TAGGED right back so here you have TEN random tracks from the Gothic Muppet 3 :-

  • Reise, Reise - Rammstein
  • Dead in Hollywood - Murderdolls
  • What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
  • Evangeline - The Mission
  • Humpty Dumpty - DJ Pogo Presents the Breaks
  • I Don't Like the Drugs (the drugs like me) - Marilyn Manson
  • Jesus Built my Hotrod - The Ministry
  • Walking in My Shoes - Depeche Mode
  • Get Off My Cloud - Rolling Stones
  • Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

And thus revealed, the FIVE people up above (thanks DQ for pointing out my rather gratingly obvious faux-pas ) *slaps himself in the face with a fish* - goth I need a beer....

a luego,

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Drama Queen dijo...

Here's mine again since it fit better in this post.

Technically are you allowed to tag again?

OK. I did it.

Editor’s notes: The reason Potbelly is mentioned twice is because my i-pod is jammed with every one of their songs. And they always come up. Sometimes three times in a row. There is a reason for this and to better serve identity protection I will email you it.

Know that I also share i-tunes with Boyfriend.

In order of appearance.


Frontline – Captain

America – Razorlight

Robin Hood – Ocean Colour Scene

Cocaine Currency – Potbelly

Bullet the blue sky – U2

Eskimo – Damien Rice

Keep On Smiling – Potbelly (again)

Let it Roll – Train

Rhazel - Human Beat Box (WTF? This is my embarrassing one – but it IS very impressive, forgot this was on it)

Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

Not TOOO bad. .

SpanishGoth dijo...

Having a split personality day.....gone now...stupid boy

Drama Queen dijo...

BTW. You have dropped off my luscious linkage of love. Actually you are there but under whyisthegrassalways greener. I dunno why. In the HTML you are there as norm. Think I have run out of space. BF will look at it this weekend. Just didn't want you to get upset. You're still my man (interactive) man.


MKWM dijo...

What's that tag business here, I don't follow you (too tired I guess). I don't have an iPod yet. I like almost all kinds of music. Most of the titles and/or artists you are mentioning are unknown to me. Maybe I've heard the songs but I'm very bad at remembering titles and names.

I was thinking about you earlier at the gym, Goth Master. While pedalling and wearing my earphones, I was watching the story of grey and red squirrels on arte. I've actually seen "a bag full of squirrels". Now I understand you better...

going through a tough time dijo...

Oh my god I'm glad the list was of the first ten songs, bloody R Kelly came on as number 11! That definitely wasn't mine.Has anyone heard and seen that 'In the closet' song by him? would have been even worse if it hadn't made me roll about on the floor laughing at how totally god awful it was!My list's at DQ's:-)

You Sick Bastard! dijo...

Kudos on Jeff Buckley.

SpanishGoth dijo...

What a shit start to a Friday, chucked off DQ's love train :-((

Minky -> Tagging is creating a list and then 'tagging' 5 other bloggers to do their version of the list. As it says, you don't need an iPod to play any more than you need a partner to masturbate - just use your imagination ;-)

GTaTT -> R Kelly? that'll be 'toilet-music' then

YSB -> aye, got all Buckleys stuff and top stuff it is too

Cat dijo...

Oh, I posted mine at Drama Queen's not on my own blog. I have had a tiring week.

Shaz dijo...

Bring It On . . . . . . I'm sorry I'm late but here I am after work & I rose to your challenge & not that embarrassed!

Tried to Tag 5 more but I'll be lucky to get 3! Am I( still a player (wink, wink)????

Aunty Marianne dijo...

Ooooh! Tag me! Tag me! Someone!

James dijo...

This reached me via Tenny and I've sent it to 5 gals on the other side of the Atlantic, 1 of whom passed it on immediately. You have created a monster!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Cat -> No worries, another year older, another dose.......of confusion ;-)

Shaz -> when in doubt, invent friends - shit works for me

Aunty M -> you are soooooo gonna get tagged (oo er ;-)

James -> nicked the idea but it made me laugh and does expand the blog-roll as you follow who tags who