martes, agosto 14, 2007

Famous Uses of Fuck

These are attributed uses of the word FUCK by very notable people through history. Obviously I didn't make any of these up at all (don't be so cynical) - they're all true, honest injun... Feel free to suggest some I may have left off.

  • "Fucking hell, that was close" - Mayor of Hiroshima
  • "Watch it, that fucker will have somebodys eye out" - King Harold
  • "Heads are going to fucking roll" - Henry VIII
  • "Any fucking idiot could understand that" - Albert Einstein
  • "It fucking does look like her!" - Picasso
  • "How the fuck did you figure that out?" - Pythagoras
  • "You want what on the fucking ceiling?" - Michaelangelo
  • "Fuck a duck" - Walt Disney
  • "I don't suppose its gonna fucking rain?" - Joan of Arc
  • "Scattered showers my fucking arse!" - Noah
  • "Where the fuck did all these fucking Indians come from?" - General Custer
  • "What fucking iceberg?" - Captain of the Titanic
  • "Where the fuck have you been?" - Stanley to Livingstone

Oh, and if you don't like the word 'fuck', tough shit, go and piss about with the disney website or something....

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Ani dijo...

Are you fucking kidding? Fucking fuck is singularly my favourite fucking word in the language.

[I'm sure you couldn't tell that judging by my blog, either.]

Dip-Dop-Crabtree dijo...

The positive discrimination?
I expected worse?
But why the virgin of orléan?

Marthe Richard :
She is registered as prostituted in the police registers. She marries in 1905 a fortunate man, She is then a spy for France during the war. In 1945, she is a local councillor in Paris and makes a commitment in the fight against messes, she is proved and passes in the offspring to have aroused the closure of brothels?!?

the word 'fuck' , There takes all his sense !!

Stacie dijo...

"Well fuck me running!" ~Stacie

Stacie dijo...

I may not be famous yet, but I use that one all the time.

Cream dijo...

Noah's quote! LOL...
Typical British weather...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ani -> I know, I'm just aiming at the puritanical ;-)

Dip-Dop -> because she was cool, up until the point they lit the fire - as for Marthe, hypocritical bitch

Stacie -> I like it, my fave is "Well fuck me backwards with a pitchfork"

Cream -> same as Bruxelles unfortunately

Sewmouse dijo...

Queen of Hearts: "Off with their fucking heads!!"

Marie Antoinette: "Let them fucking eat cake!"

John F. Kennedy: "Ask not what the fuck your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your fucking country"

Martin Luther King: "I have a fucking DREAM"

Richard M. Nixon: "I am not a fucking crook"

GWB: "Stay the Fucking Course"

John Paul Jones: "I have not fucking yet begun to fucking fight, Fuckers!!"

Oh goddess... stop me before I fuck again...

Princess of the Universe dijo...

It doesn't sound like the Disney website would be much safer, according to your list :P

john.g. dijo...

What the fuck was that?...Mayor of Nagasaki.

SusannahS dijo...

"And I fucking would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and your fucking dog."
Any and all villains on the old Scooby Doo cartoons

SusannahS dijo...

"House? What house? Houses don't fall from the fucking sky!" (Splat)
Wicked Witch of the East

This is fun...and addictive.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sewmouse -> you do realise that the Queen of Hearts was actually based on Henry VIII ?? As for Marie, I was thinking more a "You'll mess me fucking hair up" - as for MLK, I think we all have fucking dreams ;-)

Princess -> that's why Donald has no trousers - Donald where's your trousers?

JG -> fireworks courtesy of China

Susanna -> rooby fucking roo (to which Shaggy adds "time for some fucking scooby snacks dude"

john.g. dijo...

I told you I was Fucking ill..Spike Milligan.

SpanishGoth dijo...

LOL - how I won the war....

jungle jane dijo...

Isn't Iceberg a type of lettuce? No wonder the captain of the titanic got all confused. i wouldn't expect lettuce in the middle of the voyage either.

SpanishGoth dijo...

But these vegetables float about in a .... aaargh ... cucumber alert

bananas62 dijo...

I fucking loved that!!!! Your fucking awesome!!!!

kimmyk dijo...

i've been reading these since yesterday and each one cracks me up.

sewmouse cracks me up with all the ones she has.

hey goth, how'd you get those pretty bullet flowers?

Laura dijo...

Bill Clinton "I am not fucking that woman"

SpanishGoth dijo...

Nanas -> thanks honey

Kimmy -> Welcome back hon and thankyou, I'm guessing you corrupted nana ?!

As for the pretty shit, I have done nothing clever with puters .... yet - let them render the tags (ul)(li) etc but use a < instead of a (

Laura -> But he did have a cigar in his mouth at the time

Tom Joad dijo...

Suppose I'm too late to add a fucking comment now?

laura dijo...

SG, so did she.

Tippler dijo...

"That's fucked the fucking fucker..."

- Post-match comment after David beat Goliath

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tom -> there is no fucking late - tardy will doad

Laura -> she did what? fucking? eek - in a manner unsupervised?

Tipp -> Motty at his best - auld bastard

Anónimo dijo...

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