domingo, agosto 12, 2007

Things I Did NOT Do Yesterday

- Answer my phone, at all, as I am sick of stupid messages

- Buy a newspaper - why bother when you can fucking steal one?

- Eat food - boring bastard stuff

- Check my e-mail at all, kind of relates to the first point

- Hug a tree or buy a lottery ticket

- Drive a car in a fashion dangerous to everyone except me

- Poo in a place other than the correct destination of brown stuff

- Apologise about anything I might have appeared to do but didn't

- Attempt to fly

- Turn into a fish or something equally pointless

- Go to the supermarket, or any other shop

- Give money to some shit charity for no reason

- Cry, in a manner other than dictated to by the Love Police

- Explode

Other than that, it was quite a normal day in Goth World, except I did get strawberry ice cream, oh and found a packet of cigarettes I'd forgotten about, and heard music that made me happy..... oh, and discussed the rest of my life with my soul mate.

If only every day could be that perfect ;-)

12 comentarios:

zoe dijo...

point made and understood.

Cream dijo...

So, you watched some football then...

JolietJake dijo...

that's amazing, I did most of those things yesterday

john.g. dijo...

I did everything but fly! Maybe I need some speed!!

phoenix dijo...

I flew, but does it count if I dreamt it??

Elaine dijo...

Would you care to know the 10 things I didn't do yesterday? There were more than 10 but I could limit myself. Like, 1) Didn't kill anyone 2)Did not go to the home of my mail carrier and scream in his face 3)Did not have a car crash. 4)Did not cause a car crash. 5)Did not eat a gallon of ice cream 6)Did not eat any ice cream. 7)Did not ski Mount Olympus. 8) Did not climb a stairway to heaven. 9)Did not read the paper. 10)Did not steal my neighbor's paper.

Oh, unless in some strange freakish way you were saying you actually did all those things. In which case, I actaully did not do the things I listed.

Laura dijo...

Sounds like all in all a good day. Especially the soulmate stuff.

PI dijo...

So glad for you:)

Brom dijo...

Glad you didn't explode.

Tom Joad dijo...

I exploded once. Nasty business.

I did, however, decide to "nail one on" - as the saying goes - yesterday. What started as a gentle luncheon with friends descended into an experiment in how much booze the human liver can process before failing. Quite a fair bit, it appears.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Zoe -> message was aimed at no-one in particular

Cream -> I did and it was crap

JJ -> well you bloody would, clever pants

JG -> thought'd we'd decided on the turbo option?!

Phoenix -> it does, generally considered a good sign I believe

Elaine -> double negatives my dear - it was mainly to point out that I switched everything off to spend some quality time with someone I love

Laura -> it was, thankyou

Pat -> thanks, thought you'd appreciate it

Brom -> still got things to do so exploding would be counter productive

Tom -> indeed, some more than others it would appear although when I change to spirits it starts to go a bit pear-shaped

Elaine dijo...

Ah. Thanks for interpreting that "guy speak" for me. I'm so litteral it surprises me sometimes.