jueves, agosto 16, 2007

Not So Hungry Now

Previously in Goth World, Goth could go without eating food for three or four days without disturbing the balance of nature. Apparently, this is not the case any more - in fact, it's fucking painful.

In a vain attempt to prove that Goth is the Anti-Christ and immune to all human temptations - Goth has been not eating food for too fucking long - i.e. over two days now

*mmm beans, on toast*

Policemen look like jelly babies, spotty teenagers look like the pizza they should be delivering. Fucking hell, everything looks like food.

FUCK - the sofa has just turned into a hamburger

It has been 57 hours since Goth ate anything, helped by the fact that Belgium had an Assumption Day - I don't know what they are assuming but it doesn't really help

*must not give in, will not give in*

Can't look in fridge as it may contain food. Won't turn the TV on as it may have cooking programmes where an egg becomes an omelette, or egg on toast, or ouef florentine or a cake......

*must not give in, will not give in*

And the worst part is, Goth is not a fat bastard at all - but, Goth needs to eat, maybe

What the fuck should a Goth eat??????

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jungle jane dijo...

oh just have a beer. it's a carbohydrate - therefore it's a meal...

Ani dijo...

Duh! The head off a live bat, of course. Or erm.. a newborn baby? Oh, I know! A sacrificial virgin!

Good luck finding one of those, though.

[Erm. Sorry. I tend to get a bit carried away. Have a nice salad, instead.]

Anónimo dijo...

To live to eat or eat to live???
The food customs!!

And I don't care, I am again going to say bullshit!!

I crossed a man who had a big nose we would have said a potato, the other one had ears in rags.... Worse still! On the beaches of littoral of the women lengthened on the back bosoms in the air, one the too cooked air of fried eggs, And what to say about all this world on said beaches, very fat indeed dripping, red scarlet such of the beefsteaks badly cooked, I imagine myself in beach manager with a big shovel, loan to turn them ?? Some make side pile, side face a p' tit blow of oil and so on as the chickens in a rotisserie! And I with a fork prick them the derriere to assure me of the time that he stays of cooking!

Beurk ! Ce soir j'ai décidé d'me faire une salade !

And the usage formula, in order not to to pass for the idiot of the town:

Bon appétit m'sieur dame !
You do not know which will eat you...

john.g. dijo...

Goth, get down to the kebab shop and get a large donner with everything!

Princess of the Universe dijo...

I'm sorry, why aren't you eating? Food is a beautiful thing - go have a cookie.

PI dijo...

I'll bet you have a thumping headache. I hope you kept your fluids up. Have something mild and comforting to start with; a bowl of porridge with honey - if she's around.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JJ -> but beer makes one so fat, oh, it doesn't - hoorah

Ani -> I like virgins - until .... I have 'met' them

Dip-Dop -> not sure that 'prick' and 'derriere' is a good combination

JG -> will fucking not, I've done enough AC work in kebab shops to know they're dirty bastards

Princess -> to prove a point, again, failing, miserably

Pat -> Thumper? wasn't he the cute one in Watership Down? and yes, she is

Sewmouse dijo...

Don't eat the sofa, by all means, no matter what it turns into.

Pizza is nature's most perfect food.

zoe dijo...

go and eat a curry. you looked very ill today - and as for the hiccups ... eat, or i'll never let you beat me at pool again.


Stacie dijo...

Damn...I wish I had your will power. I am a fat bastard, but when I don't eat I throw up. Then again, I may have just stumbled onto the key...Hmmmmm

Go eat something, you can't prove your the Antichrist, because you and I both know you're a total sweetheart. Don't worry..I won't tell anyone though....I promise..

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sewmouse -> pizza is just cardboard boxes with bits sprinkled on

Zed -> hiccups prove I am breathing and not a vampire

Stacie -> you can't be a 'fat bastard' by defintion and it's not the will power, it's the won't power

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Where is Mariposa?

SpanishGoth dijo...

In bed, sleeping.....

SpanishGoth dijo...

All loved up and snoring like a hamster