domingo, mayo 27, 2007

Addicted to Sex

According to this article on the BBC, it is perfectly reasonable to be Addicted to Sex. I suppose that is a reasonable assumption Not that I'm saying that I am - that would be a most foolish brag for a famous virgin like myself. Anyway, it got me thinking about other addictions that one might suffer from, and by this I'm not talking about the obvious ones like chocolate, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or gambling.

I immediately started thinking of what addiction might be a tad more unusual. So here is my starter list of ten strange addictions and no, they are not in evidence in Goth World. Feel free to suggest your own:-

1) - Wearing a nappy as a grown person
2) - Stroking or licking cows
3) - Taking a piss in swimming pools
4) - Golf
5) - Vegetarianism
6) - Getting spanked
7) - Watching soap operas
8) - Sleeping with your pet
9) - Going to a gym
10) - Bingo

Funny old world isn't it.

21 comentarios:

Gorilla Bananas dijo...

Smacking someone's bottom with table tennis bat.

Princess of the Universe dijo...

I could give you a whole list that I learned in my Abnormal Psych class.
A lot of them do involve sex in one way or another though...
There are some crazy fetishes out there!

kimmyk dijo...

Changing the channel back and forth on the television.

Eating pretzels and cheese dip in bed while watching the 11 o'clock news...WHILE flipping the channel back and forth.

Ok so that's mine. I admit it.

savannah dijo...

reading various spainish blogs while listening to eric clapton..wait, that isn't an addiction...where is manuel?

that's an addiction

hello, bw, found you via hill country gal :D

Brom dijo...

Playing air guitar.

and err...

dating sheep.

I know, I know it's baaaaad

The Aunt dijo...

Wetting one's finger to get the salt off one's own eyebrows.


zoe dijo...


and, mmm,

having sex in the garden.

SpanishGoth dijo...

GB -> guess that's why it's also called Ping PONG

Princess -> I tried to stay away from the sexual ones, it's such a large category and I too did Psychology

Kimmy -> shouldn't going to bed before midnight count also?

Savannah -> Welcome - I'd class listening to Eric as an addiction ;-)

Brom -> air guitar is ok, there's even a world championship of it

Aunty M -> so you fell asleep on your tequila slammers?

Zoe -> seems to be a horticultural theme in Bruxelles at the mo - there were two chicks (who you know) chained to a tree only the other day - could cover both there

Chopski dijo...

Tank tops.
Watching other peoples washing in the launderette.
Collecting belly button fluff.
Prank phone calls.
Reading the writing on public toilet walls.
Goldfish tattoos.
Writing stupid fucking lists.
Sorry did I go on too long?

Cat dijo...

Playing role-play games, either online or with real human beings.

(And I don't think spanking's that unusual.)

Shaz dijo...

BLOGGING! You forgot Blogging! & Nose picking, & spot squeezing!!!!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Chopski -> welcome also, nice list but too much time in launderettes - free washing machines in Goth World

Cat -> Role play games - well into Room 101 - but spanking? Spanking the Cat - now there's an addiction

Shaz -> I didn't forget, just neglected to mention it

Brom dijo...

Zoe: Hmmmm.

Nothing like being tied up for the weekend!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Being Polish and knowing fuck all - Tinky Winky is gay? Polska off!!!

Mr. X dijo...

Nothing wrong with a bit of paddling with a table tennis bat if you ask us, GB.
Don't gorillas indulge in such activities, then?

Spending ages welded to the the inter-thingy is definitely a sad addiction indeed

'Famous Virgin' indeed ;)

Tippler dijo...

Some of those are a bit odd, agreed.

Then again, the last time I peed in a swimming pool I have to say that it was followed up by a right good spanking.

Ok, I was four-years-old at the time...

SpanishGoth dijo...

And how you enjoy to relive that memory Tippler......

*falls off floor laughing*

Rebecca dijo...


Shaz...What is spot squeezing? Is that like popping a zit? Oh yes and lord.

You are all so cute.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Except me - I'm not cute, except in a Gothic cuddly, drawing blood way

JolietJake dijo...

I'm addicted to telling myself I'm a fuck-up.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Hooray - I second that - You're a fuck-up