jueves, mayo 10, 2007

Death By Chocolate

This is actually the name of a dessert funnily enough - one that consists of chocolate and er, more chocolate. I'm not quite sure where the death part comes in, I assume it consists of some exploding chocolate or perhaps it is simply so nice that you eat so much and Boomshanka ! you explode.

For me, it's not really an option as I'm not overly keen on chocolate or sweet things in general. Also as I'm not fat or greedy there's little chance of it occuring.

Yesterday, I observed a new book Five famous people who died during sex - a more likely alternative.....except I'm not famous. It certainly sounds more interesting than the chocolate version. But, I would assume you would need to reach an arrangement with your partner first. I think it would be quite thoughtless to die on your partner without warning. Agreeing that you could have a synchronised 'coming and going' session would be much fairer.

All in all, it still beats the idiots who make their way onto the Darwin Awards . If you don't know what they are, off you toddle to find out. The link's there and then you can read the antics of the muppets who got nominated - in my opinion, just one large hooray for another dickhead off the planet.

There are times that I marvel at mankinds stupidity and yet every day I get a reminder of it somewhere. Day after day, I encounter a living reminder of those from the shallow end of the gene pool (the ones who dived in head first, at the very shallow end).

Oh well, shit happens.....pass the chocolate please

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Ariel dijo...

A daily reminder of Mankind's stupidity? Every morning while brushing my teeth in front of the bathroom mirror.

zoe dijo...

Chocolate - bleurgh. I won't say no to a box of Pierre Marcolini though - the only chocolates I'll eat.

I'm not cheap, you know.

Cream dijo...

I was in Marseille bar once and this prostitute runs in shouting: "There's an old guy who's just pegged out on top of Mimi!"
"Il est mort au champ d'amour!"

I think it is a great way to go!

phoenix dijo...

as long as I'd gotten 'there' first! would hate to die in frustration;-)

Drama Queen dijo...

>I'm not overly keen on chocolate or sweet things in general

Poor butterfly. I heard she was very sweet. Tippler told me ;-)

Princess of the Universe dijo...

I've had many versions of the "Death by Chocolate" dessert. I've found all of them worthwhile. Perhaps the death part means that you are so satisfies afterwards that your life is comeplete? You can die happy?

As for the "Princess of the Universe" - I don't like competition. I figured if I ruled the entire universe, no one could deny that I was the ultimate in princessiness :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Drama Queen dijo...

Lucky boy to be mixing with Royality Goth ;-)

Tippler dijo...

Chocolate; having lived for many years in York, chocolate was a part of my life.

Well, what the Brits call 'chocolate' any road.

Terry's used to be there (it's closed, now) and Rowntree's (now Nestlé).

The final chocloate-based indignity came when York City's Bootham Crescent football graound was rechristened 'Kit-Kat Crescent' after Nestlé lent the club a tenner or something.

They got relegated out of the league. Death by Chocolate, indeed...

Mr. X dijo...

Chocolate? where?
Gimme gimme gimme...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ariel -> don't believe you my love, I believe you call stupidity 'the oik'

Zoe -> Piss off, you can't tell me if I offered you chocs with liquer inside you'd say no ;-)

Cream -> Marseille, such a lovely city....but I'd agree with you on the way to go thing

Phoenix -> Frustration? come on, you were married

DQ -> She is lovely, and I said so first, so there...

PotU -> No problemo but be wary of flying tiaras

DQ again -> Freudian slip on reality?

Tippler -> kin hell, you must be in love, I'd have put money on you making a quip about the Chocolate Highway

Mr X -> It's in the post....oh shit, it melted....and shouldn't it be give-we?..

Calamity Jane dijo...

Now follows a short public safety film sponsored by the Fudge Packer's Union "Death By Chocolate; A Finger of Fudge Too Far"

phoenix dijo...

ha ha believe it or not I never had that type of frustration in my married life which is why I'm taking it so badly now!

SpanishGoth dijo...

CJ -> been awhile - glad you didn't do the nun and the kit-kat joke, that might have upset my disciples

Phoenix -> oooo you little minx you

phoenix dijo...

yep DQ will confirm hehe

JolietJake dijo...

"There are times that I marvel at mankinds stupidity and yet every day I get a reminder of it"

So you look in the mirror of a mornin' then.

I saw a good'un today, a shop robber on seeing the cctv with his mug on it said "but i was wearing the juice", he thought lemon juice made him invisible to camera's. He was arrested 1 hour after they put his picture out, Darwin Award?

I don't remember The Muppets ever being nominated for The Darwin Awards, but then I'd fuck a frog if it turned into a Leyland Princess (strictly not the Ambassador though, ugly bastard)

Talking of Ambassador's, when Hetty told Metty, about the thing she saw, it had two big horns, and a woolly jaw.

(play-offs, aargh, bollocks etc.)

kimmyk dijo...

I would much rather die from eating too much chocci then having sex.


Hey, did you know that chocolate can kill dogs? I didn't know that til recently. Weird.

Gorilla Bananas dijo...

"There are times that I marvel at mankinds stupidity"

Stupid humans are unfairly stigmatised. Clever ones have the potential to be far more destructive. No gorilla ever died from eating chocolate.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Phoenix -> DQ will confirm or deny nothing.....otherwise our secret will be out

JJ -> Sooooo predictable, and no I don't ha ha. Had you down as an Allegro bloke actually - the one with the cunningly designed square wheel

Kimmy -> Will be sure to increase my chocolate consumption, therefore potentially saving your life - and yes I did know about the dog thing

GB -> sort of agree, but the clever humans who create destructive power are not the ones who utilise it (Alfred Nobel for example)

Calamity Jane dijo...

The only nun joke I know is:

2 nuns are confronted by a flasher, one had a stroke the other one wasn't quick enough. Oh wait there is the one about the nuns, the tandem and the cobbled street ...

I'm going now before I get struck by lightning or something.

Anónimo dijo...

Pardon of the delay!

I like the children, I cry during the film science fiction (why AND returns at his place?), play the violoncelle in my heart, guimbarde with the mouth, and banjo with my fingers, when to my feet they do not know to play the instruments (does not say one "stupid as its feet"), j's' ai equally a photographic memory (and also an elephant memory without the And prize-winning in chase bottom and marathon, here in what are useful my feet!!

I do not fear the big faucheuse! To marry itself in a cemetery? And the Flighty Fires, these small flames dancing and brief!

I passed the chocolate (heads of blacks, black forests, profiteroles).

And YES human stupidity is at the order of the day!! Every day of the novelties.

All my friendship

SpanishGoth dijo...

CJ -> I'm glad you avoided the other one too - hee hee, might do a post devoted to nun jokes

Dip-Dop -> No problemo although you do sound like a one-man band. Many instruments...

Anónimo dijo...

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