domingo, mayo 13, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I happen to like long hair - no particular reason and I am not discriminating against those more folically challenged (slapheads), I just prefer long hair. Whether this is because of my upbringing or not, well, you would have to ask one of those psycho-people. I wasn't allowed to have long hair as a child, it had to be clipped above collar length otherwise, hmm, what might society think ?!

So, the first chance I got, I let my hair grow. And it grew, and grew. Funnily enough, women loved me, men hated me. Was it because of the hair? Did I exude some masculinity only known to apes? Did I fuck, I was just growing my hair - or rather, not having it cut.

Picture the scenario, by night, I was the lead singer in a rock band - long hair was good. By day, doing boring computer type stuff, wearing a suit, long hair was bad. I never figured out the way to be a hair-wolf, growing hair only when the sun set so I was fucked whichever way I turned. My parents have always criticised whichever way I had my hair - why? it doesn't change who I am - doesn't change the way I behave.

Ah, but it does. I have to have the right shampoo, the correct conditioner, allow time for my hair to air-dry because I don't want it to go frizzy by blow-drying it. Well, bugger me backwards with Nicky Clarke tongs - the hottest a man can get, but I like my hair. It's part of me, roots and all (ooo buggery bollocks, some split ends).

Anyway, I do my best not to infect people with my hair, I ensure that I clean the bath/shower thoroughly to remove any residue hair I might leave. I make sure that I use only my hairbrushes or combs so as not to unleash phantom hair onto people. I tie my hair back in a weird pokemon fashion before I get into bed with a partner so that I do not unwiitingly tickle their nose in the middle of the night.

I actually got asked at an interview once "But would you be willing to have your hair cut to get the job?" - I thought about it and answered, "So this is one of those sex-discrimination cases because you would NEVER ask a woman if she would have a haircut to get the job". The guy, rather rattled, answered, "Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have asked that question really". - No you should not.

And yes, I did get the job.

Why rant about this now? Because my partner has just had their nose tickled by my hair. Waking them up and forcing me to wake up by poking me and saying "Your hair just tickled my nose" - Great, your aggravation just shattered my comfort. They can go to sleep again, I can't.

Hair discrimination.....

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phoenix dijo...

don't know what it is about men with long hair,maybe the rebellion thing,maybe the caveman thing but I've always liked long hair on men (with the exception of eighties glam rock singers-it's the way it's worn i feel)but I also like short short hair,it's the in between length hair that's god awful.I also love having long hair,I've had it short but feel way more womanly with long hair,despite being told by my grandmother that it was unbecoming of a woman of my age to still have long hair!

john.g. dijo...

I'm nearly bald, but the hair around my bal..........Damn computer!!

kimmyk dijo...

My hair is long and I'm thinking of whacking it off right quick like if I could only get the guts to walk into the salon.

I've never dated anyone with long hair. Always short military cuts, but I think there's something sexy about it, long hair that is. Kind of like a "f**k you" to society and what they think the 'norm' should be.

Way to stick it to the man Goth.

Cream dijo...

I had long hair when I was student.
Nowadays I get a monthly haircut at this really fast hairdresser where it is cut "while you wait."
But you can leave your head with him and pick it up after the shopping.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Phoenix -> I had my hair cut short a few years ago at the behest of the then Mrs Goth - never again

John G -> oh those frickin mices

Kimmy -> Always been a "Fu*k you" sort of person.... unfortunately

Cream -> Glad you said leave your head rather than give... I'll leave that there..

Hill dijo...

Never, never give up the long hair. Well, except if you start going bald. Long thick glorious hair rocks!!

Anónimo dijo...

This is not on the head that it is necessary to judge, but rather to this that there is inside! Example, when I was younger me also I had the long hair, hé yes! As a beatnik kept repeating me my mother, the fault to John Lennon! I said for him to learn the guitar it is necessary have the long hair, it is obligatory!!

Oh, Yeah !
Ma mère m'a dit, Dip-dop..., fais-toi couper les cheveux,
Je lui ai dit, ma mère, dans vingt ans si tu veux,
Je ne les garde pas pour me faire remarquer,
Ni parce que je trouve ça beau,
Mais parce que ça me plaît.

Pawlie Kokonuts dijo...

My hair once got down to my shoulders; I liked it. Now it is extremely short. No denying, though, that hair length affects people. Good post.

SpanishGoth dijo...

HCG -> Indeed, not planning on giving up the rock side until I roll into a grave

Dip-Dop -> aha, a beatnik - would indeed explain your love of poetry

Pawlie -> Welcome, I have tried but never quite managed hair down to my bum, about 4 inches short of that length now

Drama Queen dijo...

Welcome to my world. I get discriminated against everyday because of my hair. People think being blonde makes me, well, stupid. Can’t think why?

Mr. X dijo...

We tried to grow ours - however, it just curled up left right and center and looked ridiculous. When it was cut off there turned out to be over 18" of it and it STILL hadn't reached our shoulders due to the curls.

But it's a lot better than being a reflecting dome head!

kimmyk dijo...

You say you've always been a "fu*ck you" sort of person-unfortunately.

why unfortunately?

those are the things that women find attractive. a rebel if you will.

as long as you're not like a rebel without a cause. you have a 'cause' don'tcha goth?

MKWM dijo...

Goth Master, I can't imagine you with short hair, it simply wouldn't be "you" any more.
(your regards were duly passed on yesterday, thanx much).

SpanishGoth dijo...

DQ -> Other way round my love, welcome to my world. I get discriminated against because people think I'm stupid or an airhead, neither of which are the case.

Mr X -> My little bro had the same problem. When he was into Iron Maiden he wanted to grow his hair long like mine but it all just curled together and he looked like a mushroom.

Kimmy -> Always a cause although the only ones that I would rant about here are stupidity and intolerance.

Minky - Wow, been awhile - guess that spell worked ok then...

bananas62 dijo...

I'm glad you challenged the interviewer! Your right that is descrimination! I'm glad you got the job! As long as ANYONES hair is groomed who cares if it's long or short!

SpanishGoth dijo...

The funny thing was that he was bald - but he took my point which was about whether he wanted a model or someone who could do the job?

Pastor David dijo...

Interesting title- that was the title of a serman I did on- guess who- your fav- Samson!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Pastor David -> Bizarre, I hadn't even written the Samson thing and just read this comment - sure it was an interesting sermon though