lunes, mayo 14, 2007

I Have a Dream

I had a dream, a crazy dream, it seemed so real or so it seemed... I have a dream..

Not in the Martin Luther King variety of world peace and all that shit, nope, mine involves squirrels, on skateboards with machine guns. I don't bloody know why the squirrels have skateboards or how they managed to buy them. I mean, if you're a squirrel it involves running up and down trees in a frantic manner so surely you wouldn't have time to apply for a credit card.

Even if you did, the negotiations would be a little bit weird - "Two acorns a month in interest, you're taking the piss aren't you?". But assuming you, as a squirrel, got your credit card (let's call it Acorn for now), how the fuck would you sign for things? I mean, squirrels are clever and deft little creatures but, they can't write. I suppose they could have a PINE code and just tap it into the machine with their little paws.

Ok, so assuming the squirrel has the Acorn card, and could tap his PINE code into the card reader - where the hell would he go shopping for a skateboard...and why?

Alright, supposing the rodent could handle surfing down the tree, how the fuck would he get it back up again? Anyway, the squirrel is at the shop....buying, his skateboard with his acorn card - he then decides to purchase a machine gun.


Surely, one's concentration would be focussed on staying on the skateboard, not what you could shoot whilst riding it. But NO, the squirrel in my dream was clearly on a skateboard with a machine gun. So my question is why?

Why have strange dreams?
Why try to interpret them?
What happened in the end? (I woke up before I found out)

Over to you peeps - strange dreams or reality checks?

a luego,

ps no drugs were harmed in the formulation of this dream

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Tippler dijo...

What's grey and dangerous and hides in a tree?

A squirrel with a machine gun.

So, let's get this clear, you are having dreams about VERY OLD playground jokes.

Although I don't think they'd invented skateboards back then...

Drama Queen dijo...

Last night I dreamt my mum was a heroin addict. It was a shit dream and it was horrible that she was a heroin addict but I still found it worse to actually wake up and realise it was just a dream and that my mum is dead. I would take a heroin addict mum any day. Afterall they’d still be there to give you hugs after bad dreams.

I've been awake since 4am because of it.

bananas62 dijo...

What'd you eat before you went to bed???? I'd be afraid of squirrels with machine!!!!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tippler -> fortunately for me, not being as old as you, skateboards had been invented when I was in school

DQ -> Amazing what the subconscious works on during the night

Bananas -> doesn't matter what I eat, I have strange dreams anyway

Peach dijo...

I think it means you think all people with guns and/or who skate board are totally nuts?

If so, I'd agree

Anónimo dijo...

I dreamed that a friend, returned at home with a machine gun!!
*Mais why in kept silent this machine gun?
- and indeed represent you that I met a squirrel in skateboard!!
*Ah! Check! But why this machine gun?
(To there the dream adorned idiot and then!)
- the machine gun was far too much heavy for him, made a bloomer he(it) is just behind you!!!
* That do you want me the sciuridé?
Yes it is of the same family as the "marmotte",

* It is not your onions!! That he says to me the animal, you are in the dream of somebody else!!

Check on it, I believe that I can fall asleep again, the danger is spread(pushed aside) for this night.

phoenix dijo...

know what, you think way way too much!!
I do, however, love the completely random trains of thought you have:-)

Princess of the Universe dijo...

I don't have issue with any of it. In my princess land ALL the squirrels have alternate modes of transportation- clearly you were dreaming of a teenaged squirrel.
And since most teenagers in the forest are in gangs, they need some sort of weapon to defend themselves...
OR alternately, maybe this was an exceptionally gifted squirrel, with excellent credit and it simply needed some protection from those who were out to steal it's board?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Peach -> Very good. I do indeed have an issue with guns (or rather, the idiots who possess them) and don't like 'boarders' either

Dip-Dop -> why on earth would anyone keep a machine gun? It's akin to going round to someone's house for a dinner party and then, before dessert, they announce "Oh look what I brought back from Beirut...."

Phoenix -> Maybe, but better that than not thinking at all

Princess -> I suppose the squirrel could have been 'chipped' and everytime he walked past a cashpoint it fired money at him/her

Timbo dijo...

I'm sure the dream is supposed to imvolve buxom ladies with machine guns, or maybe that's just me...

Cream dijo...

Did their guns fire hazelnuts?

Topics and squirrel droppings?
A hazelnut in every bite!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Timbo -> sounds like a dream for Goth Bond methinks

Cream -> No, I think they were peanut-shooters...

Anónimo dijo...

Why to interpret a dream? Or why the dreams are sometimes stupid?
I am on, but really on that it is not question of eroticism, or maybe that hazelnuts?? No not!
Let us take the machine gun! Surement in touch with the food, because she(it) sends back(dismisses) to "prunes" The squirrel he is sly, he stock said food and of it made is thrifty, whatever sometimes he does not find her(it) any more? What explains maybe the board to roulette, the being desperation he cracks a lead(shot)?
Yours here is the report(relationship) with the machine gun " lead(shots) " all it recuts, we go round in circles(walk round and round), there is of what to bite itself the tail!!
By waiting for an answer!! Know brave people that in France exists a squirrel, the one who represents the savings bank (bank) and what said bank engages!!!!
Yes yes, she(it) looks for somebody to take(bring) out the squirrel for are daily wee-wee.

Tippler dijo...

'I had a dream'? getting Led Zep, here.

The Song Remains The Same?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> Taking squirrels for walks - that's just nuts.

Tippler -> By that you mean you had a dream, or are you trying to figure out the first line? It is a song, but not a Led Zep one.

Surprised no-one picked up on which song it was.....

Anónimo dijo...

Surement Made in USA.ça fait peur !


phoenix dijo...

Ihave a dream
A song to sing
to help me cope
with everything
if you see the wonder
of a fairytale..........

AAAAAGGHHHH going round and round and round in my head,guess what I'll be dreaming of now,squirrels chasing sparkly spandex wearing swedes through the snow, with peanut shooting machine guns!!

kimmyk dijo...

Goth my friend...lay off the MSG before you go to bed.

I don't know that I've ever dreamed of renegade squirrels before. I wonder what all this means?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> the grey squirrels were indeed made in the USA

Phoenix -> wondered who'd get the song - don't mind get chased by the blonde chick Agnetha I think

Kimmy -> Wouldn't make any difference what I had before I went to bed - trust me...