viernes, mayo 25, 2007

Once Upon A Goth

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a happy little child. This child was SO happy, that even rain looked beautiful. And so, the happy little child played and laughed and was generally really, really happy until the parents (harbingers of doom) said "Ah, but you must go to school my love" and thus, the happy little child, trusting in an innocent way, did just that.

Innocence was raped, idiocy ruled and the rain didn't look so pretty anymore. What do you think the happy little child did? Exactly, the happy little child wasn't happy anymore. Where once there was love for everything, hatred took it's place. The innocent little child turned to the dark side.

But, the child was a very fast learner and so understood the rules, however silly those rules might be. The not-so innocent child anymore, understood that cuddly pussies weren't that safe after all. That vampires ruled as they could do clever things like turning into bats without even the need for a fairy princess and her pretty wand. So, despite the best efforts of the parents, who were busy beavering away to pay the evil government the nasty taxes, the child turned the page.

And what was on that page?..........

12 comentarios:

SpanishGoth dijo...

Hooray - I'm first!

Always wanted to do that ;-)

zoe dijo...

that made laugh so much that my colleague has come into my office asking what's so funny.

i told him that i was dreaming .... HA!

Mr. X dijo...

"Jack and Jill go Goth" presumably!

Tippler dijo...

It wasn't a picture of a Thomson sub-maching gun, was it?

I fookin hope not.

Then again, if it was Zoe's Todd it was probably a Tommy Hilfiger advert...

Princess of the Universe dijo...

I think we've established I'm not good at this. :P
I want to meet the fairy princess with the wand..

kimmyk dijo...

And when the not so happy little tot turned the page she saw a picture of George W Bush and realized life could be a lot worse and she skipped off on her merry little happy way, but not without kickin' the black cat who stood between her and the pack of ciggies her parents left on the table after a long night of paying taxes.

The end.

Brom dijo...

"Property of Cardiff Central Library - look you"

Twll dyn pob Sais.

kimmyk dijo...

Isn't your lovely coming home this weekend???

SpanishGoth dijo...

Zoe -> hooray for weirdos, they're great

Mr X -> Jack gothed Jill?

Tippler -> no, it was a 'pink free' moment

Princess -> ooops, there was a wand?

Brom -> bloody gonks

Kimmy -> indeed but not soon enough

The Aunt dijo...

I suspect the happy little child discovered death metal.

Which I personally have about as much use for as SG does for jazz.

gddik dijo...

Twll dyn pob Sais.

That's as maybe.

Have you noticed how English people suddenly start speaking English when Welsh people come into shops or pubs?

Ignorant bastards.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Aunty M -> the happy little child did not discover death metal at all

Gddik -> LOL - ignorant bastards indeed