sábado, mayo 05, 2007

Philosophy 101

Whilst some might regard the following as cynical, they are the ones blinded by the light. If you fall into any of the categories, tough shit - welcome to life, it's brutal and it hurts but, every so often burns a ray of hope so bright that one cannot fail to follow it. The light at the end of the tunnel, it bewitches, it entrances and you follow....only to find out it was some fucker pissing about with a torch (or is it?).

Marriage - A meeting of minds, love and sacrement until the minds diverge, then all hell breaks loose.

Estate Agents - Born liars trained to improve on their natural skills. There was a reason that Dracula got pissed off and went on a killing spree - fleeced on the purchase of property.

Lawyers - Natural vampires - don't need fairy tales for these, devoid of hearts to start with.

Money - The source of so much evil it beggars belief. Share the wealth and save a life.

And now, the positive ;-)

Friends - The very few people you can count on when life goes tits-up faster than a whore in a brothel.

Love - A disease you can catch in an instant and never lose, regardless of how fast you run - don't bother, stay and enjoy.

Sex - Something you can enjoy on your own but together, with a loving partner, a trip of fantasy stimulating every sense..all 6 of them.

Pleasure - Can be anything that makes your heart sing, hard to find, easy to lose.

Thus spoke Goth.

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Hill dijo...

I sat through an interminable Philosophy class first year in college. It just went on & on & on forever. You, brilliant one, just summed up one ENTIRE semester of boring blabberings in one concise, short post.

Hill dijo...

Oh yeah. Have a FAB weekend!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Cool - Welcome back granny with the pert breasts.

*gets slapped by mariposa*


dip-dop-crabtree dijo...

Do you want to count your friends? Borrow(take) them some money(silver).
The friends of the present hour Have the nature of the melon; it is necessary to try fifty Before meeting a check.
The men(people) have no more the time(weather) to know nothing.
They buy things quite made at the traders. But as there are no traders of friends, the men(people) do not have friends anymore.
[Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]

You have all my friendship

We try(feel) some pleasure when a need (he can involve even a whim) is filled, when we act in the sense(direction) of an inclination which is appropriate(clean) for us.
The pleasure is more or less big or intense, according to the importance of the need or the tendency and the degree of satisfaction of these.

A very vast subject!!!

It is a pleasure to read to you

¡ El amor y el sexo, la misma pena la misma alegría!!
¡ Que del placer!
¡ Tuyo! ¡ Acabo de cambiar de lengua!!
Surement más bello ,Very, very bello

Cream dijo...

Great philosophy lesson! Is that in Room 101?

bananas62 dijo...

Oh my Goth Man! This is so f*cking incredible that you would post this!!! Having some challenges in my life and just reading your post makes me feel so much better...why??? because it's all f*cking true!!!

Aunty Marianne dijo...

A disease you can catch in an instant...

I'm hoping it's infectious.

londongirl dijo...

Marriage can be positive!!

My parents have been married for 40 years and continue to support, love and cherish each other. May we all be so lucky to find a relationship like that!

Shaz dijo...

Hmmm, I fell into the marriage box far too young . . . .but I've loved the post-divorce era even more x x

Ariel dijo...

For some obscure reason your post reminded me of a line that said that the relationship of journalists and PR people was that of a dog and a lamp post. Ah, yes, it's because you mentioned estate agents, who are the only profession more reviled than journalists. And because my brain works in very, very strange ways.

dip-dop-crabtree dijo...

A disease! YES the love disease, is this infectious NO, rather contagious when one is knows to transmit it.
Can the marriage be positive certainly and I assert it high and strong!

She runs, she runs,
The love disease,
In the heart of the children
Of seven to sixty seventeen years.

kimmyk dijo...

You are such a wise man.

"Hard to find, easy to lose".

Depends on who you're having sex with I guess. No? Ok then.

JolietJake dijo...

money isn't the source of evil. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Well someone had to say it

phoenix dijo...

despite my current predicament, I still believe in the sanctity of marriage as long as you can find someone who believes it too (kinda where ex fell down!)
Don't however get me started on Estate agents,I've done a fair bit of ranting about that lot over the last couple of weeks.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> Friendship is indeed a vast subject and I feel, an enormous treasure

Cream -> Not so sure about room 101, think we passed 1984

Bananas -> unfortunately, we need the bad times to sing the blues but it does make the good times even more precious

Aunty M -> The Gothic spell had already been woven for you - hold on tight ;-)

LG -> My grandparents were married for 68 years so I do know, unfortunately we cannot all sleep in a bed of roses

Shaz -> I know that feeling all too well

Ariel -> I know a few nice journos....the exception that proves the rule per chance

Dip-Dop -> Wise words indeed, to give means to receive more

Kimmy -> Wise? Not so sure. To paraphrase Bon Jovi, I'm not wise just wiser than I was yesterday

Phoenix -> as you well know, your ex is already classified under idiot in Goth World....as for the estate agents....hmmmm

supergirlest dijo...

so so so so SO true!!!!

estate agents. suck. i mean, seriously. they work in a profession that enables them to package up stolen property that theoretically belongs to EVERYONE and resale it for insane prices.

*stepping off soapbox*

SpanishGoth dijo...

Hola Special K -> don't even get me started on land that belongs to everyone. Had a girlfriend who was Sioux and thus it runs deeper than you could think

Mr. X dijo...

Surprised to see you didn't add children to the +ve list...