domingo, mayo 20, 2007

Ticket To Ride

I think I'm gonna be sad, I think it's today....the girl who's driving me mad is going away. Yes, Mariposa is off to foreign shores, on her own, without me. Normally, petty shit like this wouldn't bother me, or perhaps I wouldn't let on that it bothered me. Well, it fucking does - OK?

Why? Because I happen to feel particularly vulnerable at the moment. Yes, the big, frightening Gothic cloud of darkness masks a heart of crystal. Grow up and get over it - I hear you think. Well I would, but then I might become exactly the cold-hearted twat that some people perceive me to be. I'm not. I am very sensitive but just manage to cover it up so that people don't see. They don't see the fragile person who can be broken as easily as a butterflys wings.

However, I will stay strong - I have to. When mi Mariposa is alone at night in a foreign country, without me to come to her aid in the realm of dreams, she needs to know that I will be waiting....and I will, patiently. Her love for me knows no bounds and is reciprocated with interest. When she needs someone to step out of the shadows and lovingly caress her hair - I will step forward. When she needs to know that she is the most precious entity on the planet, I will tell her. When she needs someone to soothe her to sleep after having a bad dream, I will be the one to stroke her brow.

Not very Gothic is it? Wrong, it's very Gothic. I'm about to have a hateful week but, at the end of the week, I will be the one at the airport with the flowers - shit loads of them.

In the meantime, I will just have to count the seconds knowing that heaven awaits me. I know what love is.....and she's going away for a week.

My love, my life, my heart is yours. I will endeavour to stroke you in your dreams and I patiently await your return.

Love is.......

YOU Mariposa

Para mi, eres mi mundo, mi corazon y mi vida


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The Aunt dijo...


It always makes me feel safe and secure when my friends are in lurrrrrve.

More love for everyone everywhere, I say.

James dijo...

You could borrow DQ's heels, stockings and coat to welcome your love home with - seemed to work for her! (Though it would probably blow your goth credentials.)

Brom dijo...

There's lovely. You big softie.


zoe dijo...

that made lovely reading.

Rebecca dijo...

You made my heart patter. What a beautiful side you have you Gothic Little Devil. Reow!!!

supergirlest dijo...

you two delight me so!!!! sweet love... i hope the week flies by!

phoenix dijo...

I yearn to find a man who will show me a smidgen of that. *sighs sheds a tear and walks back to the shadows*

Princess of the Universe dijo...

Ahh Goth, I wish I could find someone half so sweet and romantic over here.
I think it must be a European thing....

SpanishGoth dijo...

Aunty M -> am touched that you refer to us as friends

James -> think flowers will suffice Sir

Brom -> excellent pics, got some on their way to you

Zed -> Thankyou but be aware that I will be a complete twat for this coming week

Becca -> thanks and I hope you are feeling better my love

Super K -> just keep up the good work, you cover the important stuff, I'll do the weird shit

Phoenix -> The Gothic spell is already cast. Will be where you least expect it...

Princess -> It's not where you look, it's how you look Guess I need to be weaving another Gothic spell of love then

Drama Queen dijo...

Oh lovely. But you know if I got through 2 months of it. . .yes 2 months I am sure you'll be ok for a week. It just makes you appreciate them more, if thats possible. And as James says, the reunion is great!!!!

JolietJake dijo...

That's so prosaic of you Mr Goth. Or is it Prozac of Mr Goethe? (I can see that comming back like a sonic boomerang already, thanks)

If you fancy a beer tomorrow, text me. Sadly, I'll be travelling most of the (w)eek!

SpanishGoth dijo...

DQ -> It's just a f**king blog *winks*

JJ -> Thankyou Sir and I will join one for a beer. 'Sonic Boomerang' - class !!

Mariposa -> Yours tears alight my fears

George -> You know what to do, otherwise you will be speared like a dragon..

Anónimo dijo...

¡ Es bello no puedo abstenerme de eso!!

Podemos vivir sin riqueza, Casi sin los cinco céntimos.
Señores y princesas, Lo Tiene mucho Allí más.
Pero vivir sin ternura, no lo podríamos.
No, no, no, no: no lo podríamos.

Avec tendresse,
Et donner
Avec ivresse !

In your immense wisdom,
Immense enthusiasm,
Thus make rain unceasingly,
At the bottom of our hearts,
Torrents of tenderness so that reign love…
Reign the love… until the end of the days.

kimmyk dijo...

Aww...she'll be home before you know it! We'll keep you busy and occupied until her return.

Use this time to do all those guy things ya been wanting to do. Walk around naked, scratch if ya wanna and not worry whose around. [that is unless the children are present then I advise wearing pants] Drink beer. Lots of it. and burp real loud if you want.

Don't be sad my gothy friend. Although in sadness some of the greatest dark stories are told....

I say let the story telling begin.
Off with their heads!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> Merci mon amie but I received the ultimate acolade - when Mariposa read it, she couldn't speak

Kimmy -> As always, my little star, you think of others first. I want to call you my Special K but that term is reserved for Kara. Thus you will have to be 'Oh K!'

The rest of it, I am far too Gothic to do (walking round naked I can manage) but burping and farting....can't happen my love. Will be too busy ensuring that the bunny-nest is so beautiful that Mariposa never wants to leave again.

kimmyk dijo...

you're so sweet.

I'm sure she will be missing you just as much if not more as you are missing her.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Oh K


That's a lot of 'missings' - we need a search and rescue team !!

"Fucking hell, love went that way - quick, after it"

SpanishGoth dijo...

Search and Rescue Team

"Bloody hell - it eluded us. Tricky thing this love rascal"

Cream dijo...

What a cool guy, Goth!

Shaz dijo...


We'll be here for you hun until she returns (but I'm hiding from that hate).

I doubt there's a spiteful bone in that Gothic body but strong personal beliefs & values you fight vigourously to defend. Love to you my ickle softy Goth x x

Tippler dijo...

Laura went to Luxembourg Friday morning and she's not back till tonight (Monday).

In between, we lost the cup final.

It's been crap - but I'll see her tonight.

(Last Thursday was a blast though... *wink wink*)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Cream -> Thankyou sir

Shaz -> No hate, just carefully crafted words (although you may change your mind seeing the next post ;-)

Tipp -> Re: Laura, I know. Re: final, had a bad feeling about it to start with. Got Hargreaves though - told ya