miércoles, mayo 02, 2007

A Bunch of Florists

I did a posting Uncovered New Species and within the comments, my buddy Tippler registered this comment ->

I had a pal who was an archaeologist. One day in the pub we decided to think up a collective noun for them - We came up with 'a trample of archaeologists.'
which inevitably got me thinking. There are some weird and wonderful collective names for animals e.g.a prickle of porcupines, a shrewdness of apes, a murder of crows etc but , then I got thinking, what about a collective group who pursue the same occupation...

Here are my conclusions (feel free to suggest your own);-

A Dusting of Archaeologists
A Bunch of Florists
A Herd of Farmers
A School of Driving Instructors
A Coven of Lawyers
A Detention of Teachers
A Shoal of Divers
A Flock of Shepherds
A Pussy of Project Managers

Go on, go off on one - in a flurry of parachutists ;-)

a luego,

ps YES, I will get back to attacking Org Rel tomorrow, just trying to fend off the twats in comment section at the mo - back you zealots !!

26 comentarios:

Gorilla Bananas dijo...

A babble of bloggers.

A great hairy magnificence of gorillas.

Drama Queen dijo...

A snooze of IT techies ;-)

A loveliness of Queenies.

Mr. X dijo...

Given yesterday's theme, a perversion of priests, perhaps?

Cream dijo...

Thinking of your very romantic post and Mariposa, how about
a flutter of butterflies,
if she lets you!

londongirl dijo...

A Wallet of Accountants.

SpanishGoth dijo...

GB -> A magnificence of gorillas? brazen but I like it

DQ -> A loveliness of Queenies? Surely, A Perfection of Queens?

Mr X -> indeed

Cream -> I like it and I'm sure she would too ;-)

LG -> or a Bribery of Accountants...

Tippler dijo...

An Exaggeration of Journalists

A Misconception of Catholics (think about it)

A Thuggery of Football Fans, and

A Google of Websites

Brain hurts now...

gddik dijo...

A corruption of politicians?

A fallacy of popes?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tippler -> "Exaggeration of Journalists" - hmmm, guilty conscience sir?

Gddik -> a corruption indeed but don't get me started on that I haven't finished fu*king with the church yet ;-)

mutleythedog dijo...

A shudder of Undertakers

A shakedown of divorce lawyers

A marchpast of Generals

A giggle of sacrificial virgins

Drama Queen dijo...

A paroxide of blondeness (with the exception of yours truly standing as the real thing).

A corkscrew of curls

A blazen of red heads

Damn, whatever why I package them Tippler will love them all the same ;-)

Aunty Marianne dijo...

An eccentricity of civil servants.

Shaz dijo...

PMSL @ DQ. I can't think due to a brain full of gin!

a PISS head of BLOGGERS!

Mr Farty dijo...

An indecision of managers.

A loop of programmers.

A delight of drama queens.

A grumpiness of goths.

*scampers away*

zoe dijo...

a cunt of directors.

oh, does that count ?

zoe dijo...

a suprème of chefs ?

peut-être ?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Goodness gracious folks, you have out-done yourselves

DQ -> Mine truly standing is the real thing? such double entendre

Aunty M -> surely a Meaningless of civil servants?

Shaz -> steady on dear, old womens ruin etc and I am sure you are far from old

Mr Farty -> Grumpiness? sounds like fart-talk to me

Zed -> You can have cunt for putting up with twat ;-)

phoenix dijo...

A Glowing of gingers

A Skive of students

A Turd of Estate Agents

A Gloriousness of goths ;-)

dip-dop-crabtree dijo...

I am very late, thousand excuse!

A Piano to Straps(rubber bands),

An onlooker tail (it vau more better to be behind),

A solicitor to residence, (barefoot),

A learned madman in full is delirious

A pair of jumelles matched with its tie,

A deaf piano maker,

A blind portrait painter,

A breeder of poultry who has the Pulpit of hen,

kimmyk dijo...

Y'all are so smart and witty. I can't think of any, but I love the ones you guys came up with.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Phoenix -> love you too :) "Gloriousness of goths" rrrrrrrrrr

Dip-dop -> Poetic as always. Is the deaf piano maker the one that worked for Beethoven?

Kimmy -> it's harder than you think, until you don't think about it (bit like sex really ;-)

dip-dop-crabtree dijo...

Certainly!! His woman definitely dissuaded for him, but it turned a deaf ear! This is of there that comes the legend

SpanishGoth dijo...

It's a shame he didn't know Van Gogh - he was throwing ears away

Aunty Marianne dijo...

Well, G, I have to leave it to your judgement as to whether the ones you know, which include me, are meaningless.

Honey dijo...

A plethora of lispers
An overbearance of brood mares
A mingling of broken vases
A tenet of palindromes
A hotbed of quilts
A veneer of newscasters
A brace of orthodontists
A rash of dermatologists
A chain of lynx
A gaggle of censors (or comedians)
An amalgam of dentists
A cast of orthopedists
A slew of retired hit men
A box of pugilists
A concert of yes men
A flash of paparazzi
A bunch of florists
A sum of adders
A set of hairdressers
A herd of otologists
A column of architects
A ring of jewelers
A great deal of used-car salesmen

borrowed I'm afraid from a certain 'black hamster'

SpanishGoth dijo...

Aunty M -> has that spell not landed yet?

Honey -> holy cow batwoman, I thought you'd spent all this time coming up with that list yourself....