lunes, mayo 21, 2007

Circus of Freaks

Generally, not a good idea to get on my bad side. Definitely not a good idea to piss me off, on my good side, or any fucking side for that matter. All I am trying to do is ensure my beautiful princess is on time for her train.

So why rant? Because I had to accompany my better half to the train station - Gare du Midi in Bruxelles. Why? Because I wanted to. Not to ensure that she was on the train but, so that she was safe. Did so, tears were wept...and then she started crying too and so I left.....or attempted to.

I wanted to get some cash but...yikes! 300 Algerians were queing up to use the same cash point. OK, some food then. Nope - 300 Bolivians attempting to speak French and failing misearbly to get an egg sandwich or something.

Bastards !!!

Fine - I'll go outside and have a cigarette whilst contemplating my next move. I hadn't even lit the fucker when I was surrounded by marauding zombies asking for free stuff.

Fuck off and leave me alone!

I speak a few languages, not as many or as well as Mariposa (Queen of my Dreams) but enough to get by. 'Fuck off' wasn't working so I left, got back to my more familiar territory in Bruxelles.

Now this is not me being xenophobic, because I'm not but I tell you, these train stations in Bruxelles truly are a Circus of Freaks...

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Drama Queen dijo...

Outside Carrefour today a beggar asks a lady beside me for food for his family. She gives him some biscuits. He takes them from her (without a thanks) and walks right into Carrefour. I followed him. He puts the biscuits on the Customer Service counter. The CS women smiles at him like a long lost friend and says ‘OK’. She takes the biscuits and the man walks out.

Now I know this wasn’t a monetary exchange as Carrefour are sticklers for a receipt. Plus she didn’t give him any money.

On my way out I saw him do exactly the same thing with a box of cereal. Can someone please explain to me what is going on? Are Carrefour paying this man a salary to beg for food to be returned to their shelves?

Sorry for hi-jacking your comments but your post about getting asked for free things made me remember. . .

zoe dijo...

goth, stations scare me too. i still think of that poor lad who was fatally stabbed - just for his ipod. do be careful, god knows what people will do to get hold of your kitten lighter.


Drama Queen dijo...

Kitten lighter? Last I looked it was a dragon, and the same dragon I have tattooed on my. . .

That would be telling.

dip-dop-crabtree dijo...

Ha ha ha… the boarding!!
When I go up to Paris country which saw me being born, I feel like a foreigner!
The Parisian ones treat me the provincial one with their accent of the south of the Mediterranean, paradoxical! me which is the accent “titi”, me the poulbot of A ridges, the kid of Montmartre the hiker of the Latin Quarter! finally!!
I arrive at the Latin Quarter, I pose my bottom forgiveness, my seant with the terrace of a coffee!
I make sign with the waiter, which undermines it patibulaire but almost asks me my order and this in English!!! As I am one can mocker, I make mine nothing include/understand?? He republishes his request but this time Ci in German “?? ” Surprised the animal one speaks to me Spanish!! And with does the table close one to my knowledge burst of laughing, and he says to me is hard to find good personnel nowadays??

L'accordéon dans les rues de Paris
S'en est allé et les poètes aussi.

Mais dans la ville de pierre
Où l'on se sent étranger
Il y a du bonheur dans l'air
Et le cœur de la ville
A battu sous mes pas.

SpanishGoth dijo...

DQ -> Weird indeed, perhaps he's just a passive mugger (or maybe he has an account there)

Zoe -> They don't scare me, I just don't like them. I have an ability to attract weirdos anyway so being at one of these freak stations is a recipe for disaster

Dip-Dop -> I know what you mean about Paris - everyone there is treated as a foreigner

zoe dijo...

"I have an ability to attract weirdos anyway"

you don't say, possum ;)

kimmyk dijo...

we dont have train stations around here. so i can't comment on that, but i would have thought "fuck off" was part of the universal language.

Brom dijo...

Ha. You should have been there on Friday morning. You'd have seen one extra Circus Freak trying to:

1) Buy a local ticket at the international desk and not understanding the next ticket system, which was last seen at the deli counter in Tescos about 20 years ago.

2) Puzzling why the train clearly shown on the internet was not on the posted timetable.. until finally spotting the heading "Samedi".

3) Joining the 299 Bolivians trying to get an egg sandwich but eventually getting a cold sausage roll type thing. (which was actually OK)

Cream dijo...

Are you sure my compatriots were queuing to use the cash machine and not just waiting to relieve you of your crisp Euros?
I should know because not of us believe in credit cards...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Zoe -> but that would include you then ;-)

Kimmy -> They are not so much train stations, more a place where trains come and go and piss-heads linger. I think you have Greyhound stations that serve the same purpose

Brom -> should have asked sir. I can tell you how to avoid all of this shite when I'm travelling. The Pain Saucise (sausage roll) can be very nice though

Cream -> not being detrimental to your fellow peeps - I think 1 had a card and the other 299 were trying to figure out what this 'new-fangled god of money' was doing.

kimmyk dijo...

Ahhh yes, Greyhound stations-bus terminals. Some of our finest can be found there...all hours of the day and night.

Yeah FUCK OFF sounds appropriate indeedy.