lunes, julio 02, 2007

She Talks to Angels

A very good song by the Black Crowes but something I can relate to. I don't like men as I find them to be self-righteous, egotistical pricks with no sense of decency. It's why I am very insistent that if someone calls me a man, I correct them and say that I am a Goth.

I love women, all women and I think they like my company because I am me - I do not set out to intimidate or proove how big and clever I am. I just listen and learn - and funnily enough, the more I learn, the cleverer I become.

I love Mariposa above all because she understands my quirks - one's that if I am annoyed or cannot vocalise how I feel, I walk away until I can. I would not abandon her somewhere, rather make sure she is safe and move myself away until I had it figured out.

Certain things, I have in common with men - I hate shopping. Well, the female way of shopping that is. Shopping to me is knowing what you want, go to the shop and buy it and then go home. If I don't know where something is, I don't buy it. I don't want to be stuck in a large department store whilst hordes of elephant-like women scrummage around like a rugby team on acid.

Other things, I have more in common with women. I like pretty things, I like flowers and sunsets and walking hand in hand anywhere - although, I do confess I prefer this on a beach with the water lapping against my toes. I love poetry and art and literature.

I know it may song almost gay - I don't care. If someone chooses to make that inference then they would be wrong. I love beauty and I think beauty loves me.

I adore living and loving and being loved. I think I am and for that I feel blessed.

Te quiero Mariposa XXX

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Mr. X dijo...

Mr.X also enjoys beaches, art, sunsets, the beauty of nature and being with someone - and completely fails to see how these things can be considered gay.
What's wrong about enjoying things that are nice?

zoe dijo...

that's probably the first typo that i've seen here.

strike me blind!

James dijo...

All makes sense to me, SG.

Stacie dijo...

I dislike those very same traits in men that you do. And believe it or not, as a woman, I DESPISE shopping. I shop rather like you do...if I can't find it..forget it!
I don't think those things that you enjoy are "gay" at all. I think it's refreshing to find a
ma-uh, I mean a Goth, who knows what he likes and isn't afraid to say it!
Thank you for being you!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) dijo...

Goth, I'm going to come out of lurkdom to say I'm really enjoying your blog. I found my way here through the wonderful Honey. I love her interesting friends.

bananas62 dijo...

Mariposa! you are truely a lucky individual! Ok, Goth, you are exactly what you are. I love a Goth who is not afraid of letting people know who he really is and what's inside! walking hand in hand at sunset at the beach!!! Yes, it's wonderful and romantic and nowhere near gay!!

londongirl dijo...

Mariposa's a lucky girl.

Scouse Doris dijo...

You are such a sweetie - agree with Zoe re the typo!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Mr X -> I agree, nothing wrong with liking things that are nice

Zoe -> I was tired, just goes to prove I'm not perfect then

James -> Figured you'd agree El Romantico

Stacie -> Just the way I am and will not change

Mary -> Welcome and thankyou

Bananas -> I'm terming it gay to make it obvious - I have no issue with gay at all

LG -> Well, you'd have to ask her about that really - not my place to say

Doris -> I'm like one of those Frys chocolate creams - dark on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

MKWM dijo...

A typo, which typo?
So true, women like your company because you are a sweetie, not to mention that Mariposa is such good company too.

Drama Queen dijo...

Was it the 'song vs sound' one? I couldn't tell if it was deliberate or not. . .(not that I can talk, a big bloggy mess of typos, spelling mistakes, lazy ass spell check assumptions and messed up punctuation)

Just lovely Goth. Glad to see you on good spirits. . .until tomorrow. . .mwah XX

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Awwwwww .... women like you because you look like you need a good roast dinner and a haircut.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Minky -> It's only 1 letter but I'm not changing it now

DQ -> I never use a spell checker as everything is written in Notepad (sometimes I change grammar that a spell-checker would not agree with - useless american garbage anyway)

Daphne -> You're saying I'm a skinny twat with long hair - why thankyou ma'am

Mr Farty dijo...

Lovely post. Thank you Mr Goth.

Notepad - why didn't I think of that? Doh!

Laura dijo...

What ya gonna do? Us ladies love to hear things like that.
I don't like shopping either. This is where women will piss me off. I just want to go in, find a great pair of shoes and piss off.

Of course I even beat you on the negativity scale as I can list 100 things about women that make me nuts.
One being that I get so pissed off I cry. Grrr.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Mr Farty -> Surely you don't let the spell checkers 'fix' you?

Laura -> Not saying women don't piss me off, just that men do more