jueves, julio 12, 2007

A Thinking Goth Award?

What a fucking stupid idea but apparently, I got nominated by Calamity Jane for the Thinking Blogger Award. No wonder she took the name Calamity, it explains a lot - it's plain silly, I mean who the fuck expects me to think?

Except I do and so I looked it up (the Finky Bugger thing) and it was created on February 11th - now, unless I hit my head really fucking hard, it's not February anymore. In fact, it's not even fucking close.

Anyway, people don't visit Goth World for thoughtful insights, they come for a brand of lunacy which people normally have to take drugs to attain. I don't think, generally - it makes my head hurt....or was that falling off my 'Goth Bike'??

Anyway, the quote was :-

"Goth - No-one could accuse our lad of posting any old tat on his blog. It's definitely a blog for thinkers, why I often sit and think, 'Goth, what the hell are you smoking?' :-)"

Which actually makes an awful lot of sense really - except, it wasn't me smoking the shit.

However, as I fell off my Goth Bike and hit my head, I am going to follow the rules of Thinking Bollocks - apart from the one about putting silly stickers on your blog. I like the one about passing this shite onto 5 other people/weirdos though and thus, I nominate the following, for the Thinking Goth Award, which will expire in about 2 days or when I get bored shitless of the concept.


- Nominate 5 sites that only make sense after several drinks or spliffs
- Do NOT send me links to them, I don't care
- Feel free to nominate yourself as many times as you want
- If you nominate yourself less than zero, you are shit at maths
- You have explain why you ended up there, or even read it
- There will be no voting or any of that meaningless crap
- You have to explain why you are Gothimating the site


My Thinking Spot - because she makes me cry with her honesty and I cannot pollute her comments with my inane bullshit

Boob Pencil - anyone collecting pencils under her tits must have something really interesting to do.... or not

Mr Farty - anyone that delights in the ignition of their own emissions is always handy in a dark tunnel

This Old Broad - anyone that old who still wants to be a groupie must be SO good in bed

Princess Diaries - anyone that cute who is not getting sex on a regular basis must be, well, missing something

So, in conclusion, you can take no notice of this shit at all. Pass it on if you want to but don't blame me (and do not bloody link back to me either, I'm busy catching spiders)

*lights a cigarette and promptly falls off his bike*

17 comentarios:

Hill dijo...


Love ya, too!


SpanishGoth dijo...

Exit only, sorry my little groupie

Maybe in the next life when I'm a hairdresser or something

Anónimo dijo...

wot if i think im a goth - can i still git n award?

Calamity Jane dijo...

Is that all? I thought it was supposed to be offensive. Methinks you don't get me either.

Conformist hugs back atcha :-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Conformist my fluffy arse.

I just didn't want to offend you as you seemed so proud of getting a shit award that is about as interesting as monkey poo, thrown in a 90 degree arc.

jungle jane dijo...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! blog awards! run awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Gorilla Bananas dijo...

Keep on thinking Goth, that's what you're good at. You are the Butch Cassidy of the blogosphere. I read all your posts on google reader these days.

Clare dijo...


Oh all right then.

Not yet though.

And thank you. I think. Or maybe "fuck you". Er, take your pick. ;o)

SpanishGoth dijo...

JJ -> No, don't run away, I'm not really doing it

GB -> Yikes. What's a google reader? And is the Butch thing because of the bike?

Clare -> Fuck me, then thank me ;-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

GB -> ok, lazy bastard has looked up google reader now and understands.

I'm flattened


should say, flattered

Stacie dijo...

I love meeting new bloggers, thanks for the heads up!

SpanishGoth dijo...

No worries Stacie - enjoy

(but nor unning off with other Goths ;-)

Stacie dijo...

you have my word, you are the only Goth for me! ;p

SpanishGoth dijo...

Hooray - It's turning into a musical...

"You're the Goth that I want - woo, woo, woo"

Mr Farty dijo...

Oh, an award, how lovely!!

I'd like to thank my manager, my agent, my publicist, my god (no, not that one, silly, the Flying Spaghetti Monster), my parents, my primary three schoolteacher, my hairdresser, my manicurist...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Not to mention the fucker who first introduced you to matches

Clare dijo...

I know you said you didn't care, but it seemed such a waste to do this without letting you know. So here's my effort: