domingo, julio 15, 2007

Weird Shit, Again

No, not antics on the toilet. More to do with what happens when I check who is linking to, or visiting Goth World.


1) I have never prostituted or put adverts on my site
2) There are no pictures of naked monkeys shagging nuns anywhere here
3) I have never asked for a link from anyone elses site
4) China, fuck off, you're shit - and Korea, North Korea and South Korea

So, checking to see which freaks, sorry, lovely weirdos, are linking to Goth World (thanks to that Technorati doofer) I find out that:-

I have been entered for Post of the Week - I don't even know what this shit is. Post of whose week?

(This is exactly how I ended up in that dumb-arse Big Blogger House.)

I got awarded a Thinking Blog Award which is complete bullshit, hence why I had to create the Thinking Goth Award, of which I'm particulary proud. I really like the entry from Princess from ... who wants to have sex (with me) - ROCK.

Don't fucking care that she didn't read the rules properly, anyone offering free sex gets to pass GO and collect $200 (except they don't get the money otherwise it wouldn't be free - see).

When I took the piss out of Jazz, on account of it being shit, I made the headlines of This is Jazz - laughed? I had to sellotape my guts in - NICE.

Made a University Degree Course subject. Yup, go figure. According to the University of Lincoln , this is a fine example of blogging.... bollocks. It's just me tripping.

Critique My Blog - why? I never asked you to but thanks anyway.

And thus, onto the latest fucking freaks to land in Goth World coutesy of Google (you really need to check your algorithms you work shy fops):-

(This is where the real freaks land from.....)

People searching for:-

The last link might freak you out a little, as it was entered in Chinese - pervy little twats. See, Goth knows Chinese (well, he can read the bloody menu).

Anyhow, the point is -


I know I should put the disclaimer at the top, but just think how many innocent people I have saved from these freaks by distracting them long enough that they get bored.

Hooray for Goth World -
Saviour of women, children and small furry animals.

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Shaz dijo...

I remember you entering critique my blog? As for the other awards could you not be graceful & say thanks? I think they are compliments. I know you didn't ask for them but hey whats the harm is a thank you!!

SpanishGoth dijo...

I didn't enter it but I was listed on the same day as you which is how I found out about it.

Thankyou everyone - for the Oscar, the Big Bird and the Cookie Monster Awards

Happy now?

Shaz dijo...


JolietJake dijo...

People arriving at my blog were looking for :

taste of greece joliet (Joliet Greeks Food and Grocery's)

things to see and do in Huddersfield

pronounce Goethe

hotels in Joliet Illinois

There is also some connection with Segolene Royal by Technorati, I could'nt make a lick of sense out of that.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Shaz -> thank Goth for that

JJ -> Uddersfield? why? as for Hotels.... perhaps they ran out of space at the prison?

Honey dijo...

yeah you made the shortlist (POW), I never did *sulks*.
and the guy who won only found out his lady was up the duff, pah.

I have not dared check what people who arrive on my blog are looking for, but I don't help myself with titles like "house of lust".

Stacie dijo...

It never ceases to amaze me how my blog is found either. I still can't get over the google hit from "Satan's Call Girl" no matter how flattering it may be, it still suprises me every time I think about it. And the other things...well...I just won't mention them..

SusannahS dijo...

How do you even find out how people find your blogs?
I'm just technologically illiterate, I guess.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Honey -> I didn't look to see the result but Edvard was bound to win it - gooey stuff and all that

Stacie -> Satan's Call Girk? LOL - must try that one

Sussanah -> If you look at the very bottom of my page you'll see a thing called Sitemeter - that's the tool that you can see where you've been found from, what country etc - it's free

Princess of the Universe dijo...

Wait, wait, wait...why do I sound like a groupie now!??
I might be having a girly issue with this...I haven't quite decided yet. :P

SpanishGoth dijo...

Oh, bloody hell.

You're not supposed to be having a time of the month/life thing.

Can you not just be happy to be you?

japanesewhispers dijo...
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japanesewhispers dijo...

I done the same thing on my site recently and got these results;

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