miércoles, noviembre 01, 2006

All Saints

And so to All Saints Day - thankfully not named after the dreadful UK girly band who butchered "Under the Bridge" originally by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. If you are going to cover a song, at least understand what it is about you silly little girls.

Anyway, All Saints Day - a religious holiday through most of Europe is based on a pagan festival. A little convenient, but that's organised religion for you. Take the bits we like, throw away the bits we don't and hey presto - organised religion. Cynical? It's my middle name!

I still have to organise a flight back to my country of origin for my son's birthday and I promised I would be there. Doubtful about flying into LiverFool again - done it once, never again. Costs too much to go to Madchester - even though I would be close to the beloved Old Trafford (home of Manchester United). That leaves me with a choice of Leeds (field in the middle of nowhere) or East Midlands (bigger field, bigger nowhere). Have to make a decision before the flight costs escalate like a supermodel on drugs.

Ask me about the teddy in the toilet incident - then you will understand the level we are working at.....


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MKWM dijo...

You could travel by coach instead of flying to (Y)UK and hopefully, the Teddy bear you mentioned elsewhere was not a Feliz Cumpleaños gift for your son!

All Saints Day is just another organised 'religious business', as convenient as 'Saint Valentin'.

¡Hasta la próxima!