viernes, noviembre 17, 2006

Being a Parent

Yikes - being a parent, I hate it and I love it in equal proportions. I love the 'making babies' thing and hated the 'having babies' thing even though it wasn't me that had to push a 'car' through a hole designed for a sausage. I was there at the beginning, there at the birth - cause and effect.

I'm in a dilemma though. When I was picked on at school, I used my intelligence to escape, initially. When that failed I used martial arts to turn someone elses cheek.

Now that my kids are experiencing the same learning curve - I want to do the 'furious vengeance thing' on their oppressors. I can't though.. What if they turn out to be as screwed up as I am? eek!!

But, if I interfere, how will they learn? If I don't. how will they survive? I know I have to stand back and watch.

My children are going to be stars in their own universe. Hopefully, you will all benefit from it. If not, blame me - not them.

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

Being a parent is not always easy, I know damn well what I'm writing about here. Stand back and watch, sure. But also stand by and give comfort.

Master, we couldn't possibly blame somebody in particular. We are all responsible for any child or adult, aren't we at least supposed to be?

Children will lead their own way but still, they are part of our unique Universe and I'm sure we will benefit of their presence. May your children always be well & happy among all of us.

Tippler dijo...

Never had kids.

Looking after my younger brother put me off that, thanks.

Right little toe-rag, he was. And a Liverpool fan.

Now he's an estate agent.

Fookin serves him right...

MKWM dijo...

Well, "pushing a 'car' through a hole designed for a sausage" is painfull but it only lasts a couple of hours and all in all, it can be considered as the easiest part.

The worst one begins right after giving birth and lasts a lifetime.
By now, I have discovered the full meaning of the word 'slavery'.

Being a parent, I also hate it and love it in equal proportions. May my children always be well & happy among all of us.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Bloody crikey - they're only kids and that is all, why do I feel the way I do? It's so hard, loving you. (band - easy, year? - answers on a postcard to..)

I'm responsible I know - but not a unique Universe - a shared, happy place where people love each other (shite - drugs are kicking in)

Back to reality - like a plane crashing into a tree.

Chuffing hell - sidestep!! Just read the post, well mis-read actually about the sausage/hole thing only lasting for a couple of hours. Thought you were talking about the 'making babies' thing and I panicked - 2 sweat ridden hours.....bloody hell. What next? chocolate cake?!

MKWM dijo...

Piece of (chocolate) cake indeed:

"It's Only Love" is a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and released by The Beatles in 1965 (on the Help! album in the UK, and on the Rubber Soul album in the U.S.). This song was later covered by Bryan Ferry on his 1976 album Let's Stick Together, and by Peter Cetera on his 2001 album Another Perfect World.

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