jueves, noviembre 02, 2006


And so another interesting day in Gothsville draws to a close. Went shopping - always a nail through the heart of sanity. When I'm master of the universe I will ban shopping. Doesn't seem much point now that we have the internet - well, apart from the googling shop assistants bit. Anyway, I hate spending money now - had the "Becks" knocked out of me (desire to buy things for no apparent reason). Tomorrow is another day I fail to win the Euro Millions jackpot. What would I do with 131 million euros anyway - especially after I have banned shopping anyway? I suppose I could create a big pile of money and climb up and down it - or get a monkey like Michael Jackson or buy an airplane like Richard Branson.

A quick introduction to Wales (Cymru) for those who don't know or care.

It's a small country on the left of England (according to the atlas). Lots of sheep and stuff.

Good things from Wales:-
- Stereophonics
- Manic Street Preachers
- Howard Marks (purveyor of grass - and not for lawns)
- Super Furry Animals
- Ryan Giggs
- Richard Burton
- Me

Bad things from Wales:-
- Charlotte (the harlot) Church
- Aled (balls chopped) Jones and his chuffing snowman
- Catherine Zeta Jones
- Holiday homes on fire
- Vinnie Jones (but he cheated as usual)
- The Rugby team
- The Football team

Middle things from Wales:-
- Tom Jones
- Shirley Bassey
- Michael Owen (because he played for England and LiverFool)


5 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

And what about the Prince of Wales then? Good, bad or middle? Or just banned from your list?

Banning shopping sounds like a tyrannical act. I also hate spending money but therapy shopping is sometimes necessary (desire to buy things that make you feel better). Me voy a comprar algo, ahora mismo.

SpanishGoth dijo...

POW is an aberation that only "in-breeding" can create. And, he's not chuffing Welsh anyway.

As for shopping - you try spending 5 hours looking at the same stuff and see how sane you feel at the end. I feel better though - you're Spanish is worse than mine ;-) Ha Ha - laughs in the face of danger

MKWM dijo...

What's wrong with my Spanish? Look, I do my best (and in English too, btw). It is way easier than Welsh, I couldn't possibly write or pronounce a single Cymru word.

PoW might be a Greek-English rare specimen but still, he is a 'Prince'. You could at least have put him in the 'Welsh nonsenses' category .

SpanishGoth, it is absolutely normal you need five hours to shop in a place you don't know, it occasionally happens to me too. So my advice would be to make a list of the things you need and stick to a couple of shops where you know your way around. Shopping doesn't last for ages when you know where exactly to find your favourite stuff.

Tippler dijo...

(*Twiddles thumbs)

MKWM dijo...

Keep fingers crossed instead, we could use the Euro million jackpot...