lunes, noviembre 27, 2006

Gothney Spears

Oops I did it again! You blonde moron. If you buggered up the first time (and realise it) you don't go back and do it again. That's just plain, fookin stupid. I mean, if I'm walking through the jungle of normality and accidentally 'piss-off' some neanderthal who then pulverises me, I don't go back the following day thinking 'maybe it will be different now'.

Run away! And teach your partner how to run also - then you don't have to go back and save them.

Rant over with.

Stroked my Little Book of Calm. wow - it got bigger *mental note - stroking makes things grow bigger*. I wonder if the same thing applies with intelligence? - thinking about it, probably not. Didn't work for my little sister, Britney.

Yikes - perhaps my whole line of thinking/perception is warped. Gaarrgghh - flashback - those words resonate in my head. Have I heard them before? Loop in the space/time continuum - run away.

Have to go and book one of those haircut things now. Being a WOG (Wizzard of Goth) is fab and groovy, in a slightly off-centre way, but expensive on shampoo and conditioner. So, off to the hairdresser I must go. I just need to find one that actually knows how to use scissors. My favourite used to be a girl called Lisa. Worked at a famous hair salon in the YUK. I explained that I wanted a large red streak put into my very long, very black hair. 'Are you mad?' she asked - 'No' I mentally replied - 'it's the most time-consuming thing I can think of that allows me to observe and thus fantasize with/about your cleavage'.

Not quite sure that I know the Spanish for 'Hurt me and I will rip your heart out' but I hope to get the correct message across to the hairdresser person. We'll see - if I come back looking like Uncle Fester - start arranging funerals.

a luego,

LBoC -> "Have you ever noticed a calm person with a loud voice?" - yeah, seen vegetarians too and a right bunch of pasty looking mother fookers they were too

BBoM -> Stop in the middle of a busy street, point up at the sky and every couple of minutes say "wow". If you do it correctly, you can stop traffic and all sorts.

3 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

It looks like Samson has changed his mind. Walking through the jungle of normality again, he Gothney Master?

Tippler dijo...

Will I recognise you?

SpanishGoth dijo...

I don't know. Will you even see me through the drunken haze after your trip to Roma? Will Laura have agreed to marry you? Will you have enough material for your magazine?

Bollox - can't we just meet and drink beer?