sábado, noviembre 04, 2006

Spider Loving

Ha, now you little rascals will have to go out and buy The Mighty Boosh to make sense of this post (Spider loving). I just spent what felt like an eternity moving beds around - well, from one room to the next. Broke the other one. Should be very male and proud but I'm far too gothic for that macho crap. Now, I want some more "Spider Loving". *sings* Oo ee oo ee oo ;-)

And (only starting a sentence with 'and' as I was told you couldn't do that, ergo, I will just to prove a point) it's still chuffing raining in Spain. Didn't think there was this much water in the sky here - yikes, I was wrong. It does happen.

This is an outrage!!

Tonight is the Primitiva lottery in Spain - grand prize of rubbish but still bought a ticket yesterday "got to be in it to win it". It's great, as in typical Spanish fashion, none of the shops that sell the tickets are actually open today. Wouldn't mind except the Spanish are obsessed with lottery type gambling - go figure!! Of course, I could be worth 131 million euros by now (Euro Million lottery) but, meanwhile, back in the real world - no new car, house, holidays, teefers etc.

Must say hello to my little bro -> "Hello" - he's busy arresting hobbits on t'other side of the planet. From Selby (UK) to Wellington (NZ) - as he would have said "it's reet nuts is that". The good side is that he couldn't take his golf clubs with him so I "inherited" them. Haven't used them yet - haven't had any burglars yet.......not sure if a Spanish burglar will duck when they hear "fore" before they get a 9-iron round their head.

Also won 5 euros on the bet. She said, he said type of thing. Yesterday, not the restaurant of my choice - 2 courses, crap food, crap service and 40 euros. Today, my choice. Special little Spanish place - no "grockles" (tourists) and 3 hours later, after 5 courses, a litre of wine, water, coffee, free schnapps and only 30 euros lighter we wobbled away. Might have to change my name to FatSpanishGoth!! Have to do something with that extra 5 euros.

a luego,

Bloomin chuff - as if to disprove my point, the Welsh rugby team actually drew with Australia (not the whole country, just the opposing rugby team). Whatever next? Prince Charles becomes handsome......yeah, maybe not eh

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MKWM dijo...

Very unnecessary shopping, Master. The World Wide Web has it in store for us, we got the picture. The spider caught the mariposa and eventually, the web broke, I mean the bed broke.

Why all this trouble moving beds around anyway?! Next 'Oo ee oo ee oo' time, just put the mattress on the floor, before breaking the bed, of course, you FatSphanishGoth...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Oy chuffer,

I didn't break the bed and I didn't catch la mariposa - she just landed.....and then the bed broke. Did the mattress on the floor thing and I'm not fat - merely sizeable ;-) (and about 5k lighter than the T Meister) hee hee

MKWM dijo...

Well then, Master, if you're 5 k lighter, you can afford to eat a lot of burritos en la taberna without worrying of getting fat.

MKWM dijo...

Don't they only show Real crap and Barca over there? 29:29 indeed. Anything can happen, you know, it was a simple probability.

Maybe you should play the 29 along with the 3/17/26/28/32. Good luck.(keep the millions, by all means or else don't hold me responsible of loosing again, as taking part to a grand prize rubbish is not my problem).

SpanishGoth dijo...

If you're really lucky, you can catch a Valencia game......or should that be unlucky?!

Tx for the numbers, two coincide with ones I chose anyway. She has the ticket though and she should have just landed at Zav round about now.

I'm not 5k lighter (5k lighter than the T meister and my hair is longer) - actually, about 8 heavier than when I was in Bru. Food here is far more tempting....

MKWM dijo...

Zaventem? That's what you think!
She must have been pulling your long hair all along... With a winning ticket to ride, she's probably on her way to some tropical islands.

Mediterranean food is indeed very tempting and fattening. I must say you managed very well being only 8 kg heavier, it's not much harm done all in all.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ha - chuff it. I know that's where she is as I know Zav inside chuffing out. Still have my 20% discount card for the airport courtesy of working (well, turning up) for DH chuffing L.

As for the 8k - does my bum look big in this? Actually, Med food isn't fattening as it's lots of fruit, veg and olive oil. It's the frites and mayo from Belgique that are making one push maximum density.

Talking about Zav - have you been to "Sexy Sue's"? Some chuffer I used to "work" with spent every night there. Then the cheeky rascal used to use a line called "expected behaviour" to explain why his programs had brought down an entire system.

MKWM dijo...

Was she stuck in a parcel that you sent to Zav? DHL is trusty alright, you'll find her back then.

It is the first time a hear a guy worrying about having a big bum or not. The 8 k would rather have turned into a big belly I think.
I know about nowadays Med food, it is fattening I tell you. Eat the frites but skip the meat and mayo.

Haven't got a clue about Sexy Sue's. Will ask my bro, he should know.