sábado, noviembre 04, 2006

What a lot of weather

And so, prompted by posts, I have to explain the weather here in Spain at the moment. Apparently, the rain falling mainly on the plain is bullshit. Every so often, it rains like it does in Bruxelles - i.e a lot. This really freaks people out here. Although the Spanish have seen umbrellas, they still haven't figured out how to use them. It's a good job that I still have my "cloud of darkness" to make people cross the street rather than bump into me, otherwise the chuffers would be poking me left, right and centre trying to "get it up"......

Generally, it is hot, sunny and lovely. In fact, in nearly 12 months of being here, I can only remember it raining 6 days (except it rains at night sometimes, which doesn't count as you can't see it).

I have a friend called "Elf" - he's not a real elf but he is a bit small and dinky - which counts I suppose. He works as an air steward for BA (British Airways) on the long haul flights. Anyway, his mother is Austrian and although she has a good command of English, she does say certain things that, on first hearing you want to correct but after time you wonder whether she is more correct?!

For example, when it's pissing down with rain - i.e. really wet, she says "What a lot of weather we are having" - on nightmares "I made bad dreams last night"

Now I must go and see to the chores. Wodka and tomato juice for me - whats chores? ;-)

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

I have learned to put up with Brussels' weather. Or should I say 'with life's clouds of darkness'? By now, I carry and operate a parapluie on a daily basis. However, my genes make me miss hot, sunny and lovely weather.

Golly, it's pretty dark in this universe of yours, almost scary. Would you consider letting some light through, eh Master?

The chores... So you went shopping?
Hopefully, you found all the bloody saucy-spicy condiments.
Chin chin.


SpanishGoth dijo...

"Golly"?! Are you being sponsored by the T Meister? And no, it's not dark in S World - I just like to make it appear that way. Do quite like being called Master though - reminds me of some of my previous victims of love ;-)

I lived in Bru for 2 years so I know about umbrellas - have a big collection of them (purloined from most bars in the Schuman area). As for sauce, it was that "clothes" shopping thing EEK!! Next I'll be dragged back to City Deux :-((

MKWM dijo...

Me, sponsored by the T Meister?! No way!! Golly is just an alternative for God or Goth but I will call you 'Master' from now on, in view of avoiding irritating you.

Glad to read your S World is not as dark as it seems. So I laugh in the face of danger (carrying a flashlight whenever I enter your blogspace) as I couldn't possibly become a victim. You are indeed ruling in Spain while I'm safe here in Brussels! ;-)

Purloined umbrellas? I can't really blame you, at least you tried to stay dry on the outside. That does remind me of some T character...

SpanishGoth dijo...

S world is a lovely cheery place where all the little birdies are happy, all the little flowers are too - still I stamp on them.

Don't bother with the torch - remember the old adage. "I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.......then I realised it was just some tw*t taking the piss with a torch"

And the umbrellas were not purloined - they are just on permanent loan.

MKWM dijo...

Master, [give a man an inch and he thinks he is a ruler...]

Here is a much suitable adage:
"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own." — Ben Sweetland

SpanishGoth dijo...

so here's one that's not purloined...

Once I saw a shining light,
It shone at once, forever bright,
I realised that it was my true love,
Sent to me, my turtle dove,
Of peace and love, forever true,
So I would remain not so blue,
For although dark, I cannot save,
Staying in the shallow grave,
Of my own making, have no doubt,
Mariposa drags me out

copyright as of now by me - the Saint

MKWM dijo...

So the S stands for Saint, I would never have guessed!

Brilliant, Master, just brilliant.