viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

On the Road Again

A new day - a new Euro Millions Day - a new no event day (I can once again win nothing - but with style).

Got into an argument with my father, my ex-wife and pretty much everyone who moves (not at the same time, managed to do them in a random fashion). No change there then! I look forward to Santa Claus having a real problem when Christmas happens. Might get the "Argument Action Man" if I'm really lucky - "Action Man Deserter" if not.

Wanted to buy a motorbike for my son but he can be just as stupid as me (oh the joys of inheritance).

Look, vrooom, really fast, tree, EEK, dead!!

Like Marc Bolan but at least he wasn't driving (and it was a Mini not a bike)! He (Bolan, not my offspring) could at least blame it on the girlfriend - hooray for him.

I know I shouldn't/mustn't get a Subarru Imprezza WRC, Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari 328 GTB etc - should probably get a Wolwo estate (back to the HIM reference) - hence why I have currently, the 4-door Audi A4 (she's called Eleanor) - incredibly reliable, safe and I'm not tempted to "power-slide" around corners, roundabouts or anything not like a straight line. Did once have a "rally-prepped" car but I was dangerous in it - not just to myself but to little old grannies trying to cross the road. They had to learn how to do that Matrix 'hanging in the air' thing.

I didn't crash though ;-) but did get busted for speeding. The police didn't seem impressed with my "power slide" around the roundabout at 60 mph in a 30 zone or maybe I just had the stereo on too loud or, ha and this is more likely, I made one of the chuffers spill the gravy from his chips onto his pants!!


ps HIM reference = band from Finland "taking the piss" of Scandinavian people who pronounce all V's as W's - hence Volvo becomes Wolwo

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Tippler dijo...

You get five points for a granny.

Try harder!

MKWM dijo...

You probably have to thank ESP for not crashing in a roundabout, whirling at 60 mph.

A Wolwo estate?! Nah...stick to Eleanor or else get the A8.

Tippler dijo...

Me effin Blogger's not working. Can't post me Halloween pix :-(

MKWM dijo...

We won't complain at all about not seeing that Halloween pic of yours asap. The later we have another forthcoming nightmare, the better...

Tippler dijo...

Ha! Working. Changed me browser to Firefox.

They can stick their Internet Explorer where the sun don't shine.


MKWM dijo...

Ha ha! I can easily guess who we have to thank for this, clever fox he is (x, hi there!).

Global warming made terraces appear in the Capital of Europe. You couldn't find a single one out here a couple of decades ago. They are even heated in order to be enjoyed in the autumn as well.

Condiciones actuales en Bruselas: parcialmente nuboso, sensacion termica 7°C. By the way, Golly, what's the weather like in Spain?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Wolwo estates are fast - trust me I got "hunted" by one. Many years ago, flew back into YUK from Munchen (where I was living/working) at the time. Going back to Hell (hull) on M62 I passed a Wolwo estate police car at about 120 mph. Fooker still caught me (within 3 miles) before the Selby junction - no points on license though as I gave German address. Years later my not so little bro (who is a policeman) explained how the police had the cars adapted - barstewards.

MKWM dijo...

Now this explains where you acquired that particular taste: no speed limit in Germany...

What about a Mercedes CL V12 5,5 L biturbo? Should you ever win the jackpot and go back to Germany, that is. Considering Spanish standards, your Eleanor is perfectly adapted... a true Princess.

Anyway, modifying ECU's settings is illegal and therefore not highly recommended (leave that to bobbies and other nuts). Always drive safely instead (vrooom, really fast, tree, EEK, dead!!).

Still laughing in the face of danger, are you?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Once upon a time, I had an Escort mark 2, black rather obviously, rally prepped with twin 40 carbs, single box (exhaust), bucket seats with harnesses, 2 litre disk breaks and could "brake like the wind". Then, in Mid-Wales, I got passed by a bright pink version of the same car. It had the 2.2 Pinto engine and went from "rear-view" mirror to horizon in about the same time as I could say "what the fook".

Got a Subaru Imprezza (baby remote control version). If I had to pick a "death mobile" it would be the Metro 6R4. A 3.5 litre Rover engine in a biscuit tin. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. No wonder they banned the little rascal.

And yes, I'm still laughing in the face of danger - Eleanor keeps me safe (not a princess, a queen - check your Arthur/round table mythology). She was named after Eleanor D'Aquitaine.

MKWM dijo...

You are absolutely right about Eleanor, Master. I was just referring to Felipe's daughter.

It's a wonder you're still alive after all these 'death mobiles' you had. A miracle maybe...