jueves, noviembre 09, 2006


As Baloo sings in 'The Jungle Book' - "It's just the beer necessities, forget about your worries and your wife" or even more poetically, Homer Simpson - "Beer - the cause and solution to all man's troubles". The sun has come back, I'm happy again and as I write this I am sat on a terrace in a T-shirt, in Noviembre, enjoying a cerveza (beer). Whilst it is still in my tiny, pickled brain - simplest way to avoid a hangover? don't stop drinking!

Today, I nearly completed my portion of Christmas shopping - Santa has to delegate you know. I just have the two biggest things to get, one each for my two children. There is no point in buying electronic goods here and taking them over to the UK. Invoking the guarantee would be pointless as it would cost more than it saved. Also, the instruction manual would be in Spanish - again, pointless as neither of my children speak or read Spanish. Shouldn't be a problem for my son - he's male and thus has the "Will read instruction manual only after I have chuffed it up" gene.

Manana, someone may be 151 Million Euros richer. Chuffing hell - what a responsibility! You could buy Cuba or anything. I already have my second place lottery ticket - no point in picking the winner and being disappointed when it doesn't happen. As the old adage says, 'no point crying over spilt milk' - to which I would add....spilt beer - call the FBI, MI5, KGB......(ha, bet this gets flagged by the spying chuffers!!)

I might be going to Paris (France not Texas) soon to see my lovely friend and her equally lovely new baby. I used to hate Paris - it's the reason I choose not to speak Freanch even though I can. Now I have to reconsider my position. Had a lovely Sunday afternoon on sat on the grass overlooking the Eiffel Tower with beer, friends and an acoustic guitar - sweet memories *sighs*. Sunday, Bloody Sunday ;-)

Finalmente, -> It's no wonder there is a relationship between alcohol and beauty. The more you drink, the more beautiful people you can see. There is a caveat in that one reaches a point at which, what seems like a really good idea at the time is not, and you will realise either the morning after or 9 months later (24 if you invaded a zoo and thought that big huggly grey thing looked irresistible).

Time for food - my stomach is sending messages to my brain asking if my throat has been cut.

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MKWM dijo...

On a terrace, wearing a T-shirt and enjoying a cerveza while we are freezing out here, drinking tea?! Simply not fair!

I'm confused, Master. Is it two or three children you have?
1 son + 1 baby boy/girl? or
1 son + 1 baby + 1 mutant hybrid???

Anyway, children like any gifts from abroad, even when they can have the very same where they live. No olvides los polvorones y otros dulces navideños.

¡Que la suerte te acompañe!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Two children, uno hijo y una hija - so far or that I am aware of....

Will post a photo of them over the weekend when I can motivate my gothic fluffy bum to do so.

Feel free to explain the "not a real blonde" quote from the T meister at any time

MKWM dijo...

Que bien, congratulations, Master.
Looking forward to seeing their photo.

What quote was that? It just said that I'm not blonde, which is true.
And I would certainly not become a 'fake' one. What's wrong with brunettes? Feel free to explain why men are so obsessed with blondes.

Tippler dijo...

Goth, I must interject here on behalf of mkwm. I merely stated that she's not blonde.

At no point did I suggest that she was pretending to be one.

And, mkwm, we're obsessed with blondes because we want to find out if the carpet matches the curtains, as it were.

Oh, by the way, it is a scientific fact that Ginners taste different.

I thank you.

MKWM dijo...

I thank you, Meister T. Goth had obviously misunderstood your statement.

One doesn't need to get in much trouble to find out if 'the carpet matches the curtains'. A simple look at the skin tone, tache's & eyebrows' colour would do.

Now, what scientific fact is this, Tippler? How different can Ginners taste? And bitter or sweeter than what exactly?

Tippler dijo...

To the first comment re checking carpet and curtains: it's much more fun.

To the question: difficult to describe but, put it this way, if I had to do a blindfold, erm, 'taste test' with five women I'd

1) thank God and all his angels from the bottom of my trousers and

2)pick out the Ginner every time.

I think that's enough now, the Goth is very sensitive...

MKWM dijo...

Thx again. Your explanations are quite clear, more than enough indeed.

Tippler dijo...

Hey Goth-type-dude. One of your heroes is pictured in my blog (yesterday's post).