domingo, noviembre 12, 2006

Bloody Monday

I 'ate Mondays.

That feeling of waking up alone, not in somebody's arms is hateful. But here I am, Monday and alone. Perhaps I should make a list (like in My Name is Earl) and go around correcting all the bad things I did in my life. Ha - but I'm clever see!!

Define the borderline between good and bad. I could have sworn at a weetabix - could be bad, but then I could have said I love bloody weetabix -hmmm immediate dilemma.

It's kind of obvious, I think, you stamp on a hamster -> bad person but if you stamp on a rat that is going to munch on your trapped buddy's body -> god person = good person. Easy isn't it this good and evil thing?! No wonder I never went to church. Well, thats not true, I did go to church - wasn't worth a rats arse but I went. I went to 'envelop myself in the arms of our lord' or so I was told - in reality, the only reason I went was to bonk Tina R like a puppy on heat.

So what else happened esta semana? Chuff all. Some fookers tried to rip the wing mirrors off my car - again. I decided last time I had to tape the mirrors up, I would leave a surprise for my unwelcome guests. Judging by the spattering of blood on the pavement - the little rascals found it.

Gave up smoking (whilst I was asleep) and ate some food - hooray. Ate some food on Tuesday and met some groovy girl called Dana who only wanted to.......oh yeah, that part was a dream.

Anyway must be off - now I've mentioned the dream I have to live it ;-)

a luego,

5 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

Hateful feeling indeed, join the club. As to good and bad, there's no point in discussing yet another controversial topic. As to living our dreams: "Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?"

You entertained us very well esta semana. Muchas gracias, Master.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Would reply direct but no e-mail -addy.... boo hiss

MKWM dijo...

Likewise, Master.

Somebody we both know might help you.

Tippler dijo...

I used to go to church because my gran told me 'Jesus wants you for a Sunbeam'.

Not much of a deal, that. Those fookin Chryslers were crap back then.

It was handy for the shops, though...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Don't knock the Sunbeam matey - had a very nifty one with a 1.9 litre Pinto engine in it. Great in straight lines but corners - well, like I said, great in straight lines.