sábado, noviembre 25, 2006

The Weirdest Day

Officially, the weirdest day of my life (24 hours) comes to a close. There is so much happiness and love I feel ashamed to call myself a Goth. Everywhere I look, I see peace, sex and breasts. One of these days, I will rid myself of this obsession - today is not the day.

As I sit here, enjoying a cerveca in the blazing sun having been welcomed from afar by friendly barman, H, I am at peace. Apparently, last week I had walked past his new main place of employment and he shouted out "Master - here - free beer". I didn't hear him but manana we have agreed that I will visit and the free beer thing is still on - result!

So, as it says in the song "Boobs are all around me, and so my thingy grows!". Must find a way to get rid of this feeling of joy - very un-Goth like. Just stab myself with a pencil or something. Bloody hell.....look at the size of those...

Off topic question - do all women from Eastern countries dye their hair red - was there a big sale I missed? or is it merely a ploy to get through customs?

Anyhow, my shopping list for Satan Claus has increased somewhat.
  • Breasts for the T-Meister - he can play away without breaking hearts or wind
  • Her own bed for the Mink - with both sides working..in a harmony way
  • New boy-fiend with empathy for DQ
  • Joy and happiness for mi mariposa
  • New clothes for me - not in black (don't tell the 'ex' as she will send a thunderball of hate and make them turn to dust)

Little Book of Calm -> "A glass of chilled water will calm you more than most other liquids. A cup of warm water will calm you even more" -yeah, right, but a bottle of Jack Daniels takes you all the way ;-)

Big Book of Madness (BBoM) ->"Speak in foreign tongues - any language will doodle-do, run into a field and lick a cow - gently fondle a trombone"

a luego,
decidedly satisfied S

ps Oh for chuffs sake - I just logged onto t'internet to post this and one of the stories is "Rugby - Blind World Cup kicks off in Argentina" - how the chuff does that work?

5 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

Thank you so much, Master :-)

I already got my own as from tonight, which will be fixed by next week. Santa will just have to bring me harmony.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Monkey says, monkey do... hee hee

Could get rather used to this being called Master thing though.

Might get to be like Goth and invent things like Fjords, or pineapples or - coo, you could run amock with power like that.

MKWM dijo...

That's exactly what I thought..
Give a man an inch and he thinks he is a ruler... why not a creator?

Drama Queen dijo...

What are you doing slurring my Boyfriends name? He DOES have empathy for me, its just his bloddy friends. . .

SpanishGoth dijo...

What is a bloddy friend? Is it like Mr Blobby but just female?

I didn't mean to be presumptious about your partner and if it seems that way, I apologise *crawls back into the corner*