martes, noviembre 28, 2006

The Joy Of Myth

La Mitologia Celtica - 'Uno de los documentos que se cita mas a menudo acerca de la religion Celtica es un pasaje 'De bello gallico'. Hooray for me - I'm a Celt. Not so sure if I'm beautiful but I do have admirers. Must be a hair thing. Can't only be because I'm Welsh - that would be plain silly.

So, I am calmer now - still agitated about returning to countries I hate but, I made a promise and so I must keep it. Joys of being a Goth - with all the resposibilty it entails not to mention the squashing people like insects thing.

Spoke with my new accountant 'figure' in Luxembourg. Had to surpress a little laugh as he is Welsh also. What next? - Tom Jones as my best man? Charlotte Church naked on my...eek, too much information.

Celtic mythology - where to start?! Lots of funny little creatures lurking in trees, don't remember any dragons and funnily enough, don't recall anything about sheep either. Yet, for some reason, us and New Zealanders are reknowned for our sheep - or rather, intimate knowledge of them. Funny thing is my 'not-so-little' brother moved from Wales to ..... New Zealand. Don't take the piss though as he's big, clever and has a gun. Joys of being a policeman apparently.

The great thing about mythology is that it's all a myth. 'Sorry miss - couldn't do my homework as I was pursued by a giant hamster that I could only kill with strawberry jam'. Gaarrggh - Jam-fest :-(

a luego,

LBoC -> "The most important skill in staying calm is not to lose sleep over small issues. The second is to be able to view all issues as small issues" - so, if you're worried that your 'todger' is too small that advice will help?!

BBoM -> Fried squirrels make great frisbees but only use the grey ones - the red ones are cute, cuddly and my friends.

7 comentarios:

Drama Queen dijo...

Don't forget the leeks Goth Boy. . .I'll bring the haggis and my delightful little tartan kilt. . .Boyfriend can bring the Guinness (if he was invited).


Tippler dijo...

What do you call three sheep tied to a Welsh lamp-post?

A leisure centre...

OK, I'll get my fleece...

MKWM dijo...

Belonging to a clan, oh Joy!
I'm not a Celt but my clan eats cawl mamgu and plays the bagpipe.

I could actually find squirrel recipes. This small world is really mad....

(Hands off the Golden Fleece, Tippler)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Oh Tippler, you are so witty. Sheep tied to lamposts etc. Fook off and make Laura's day (for a change).

Mink -> no using red squirrels - told you already they're my friends - already endangered species (squirrels not doing too well either).

MKWM dijo...

No using squirrels at all for me,
I like them alive and well.

I just couldn't believe my eyes seeing such recipes and realising they are actually... eaten up.

Drama Queen dijo...

Hey Goth
Are you ignoring me?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ignoring you DQ? I wouldn't dare to be so presumptious. Just been a little busy stroking my pussy and preparing for flights everywhere. Now seems I also have to go to Paris as well.

Like the sound of the tartan kilt though mmmmmmm