domingo, noviembre 05, 2006


Oh chuff!!!!! - time has finally caught me up and it's time to quit smoking. (P*ss off if you've never caught the habit, partaken and thus rued the day you started). I'm starting to turn Simpson yellow, can't get on public transport anywhere and my lungs protest at the slightest incline - ha, probably give up completely if they saw Mount Everest. Just got my Zippo (lighter) confiscated at LiverFool airport - message there maybe. Going to be hard work though - had my first ciggie at 8 years old and I'm now nudging (in a gentle but alluring fashion) 40.

Word to the wise - buy shares in Wrigleys now, dump Philip Morris shares. Going to try and compensate using chewing gum. 40 tabs a day to nada is going to take some doing but if she can, I can. Might be really arsey for a few weeks - she was/is. But, afterwards, I'll be able to smell things again, stop regurgitating my lungs every morning and be hyper-critical of people smoking. Oh, and I won't worry about turning myself into a human(ish) bonfire by falling asleep p*ssed with a tab in hand.

Don't know what I will do about the proliferation of lighters.......go to a Bon Jovi concert or something. I could make some small model volcanoes - but no school project as I'm banned from going there. Kind of a habit - me getting banned from schools!!

Thinking about it though, what am I to do with empty beer cans? Great ashtrays. I suppose I'll overdose on chewing cocktail sticks. Eek, I wonder if I'll be able to smell badger's bums when I don't smoke anymore?!!!

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

As soon as your brains have decided it, you will be able to quit, it doesn't work otherwise.