jueves, noviembre 02, 2006


And so, after a tearful reunion etc it's back to reality. My gift to the grandpa of Bruxelles (Bill Bailey) arrived intact and was enjoyed so it was time to dust off, whack in the DVD and enjoy The Mighty Boosh that he sent me - magnifique ;-)

Have to think about flights to the YUK - aaarrrgghh! Promised I would be there so - shit must happen. Rather sew my head to the carpet but....

United played FC Copenhagen - fun I'm sure - DOH - they lost!. Couldn't watch it, as usual, but Danish managed a win.....not eating one of their pastries again!

Suggested to MaMa an iPod as my Xmas gift to convey to Santa. Went tits up as she got a free MP3 player from some conference or other. Now I have to think what else Santa and his magic sleigh can bring. New Man Utd top I think - or maybe tell the US that Osama is hiding in Denmark.


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MKWM dijo...

Utd lost a battle but not the war. And Beckham was a REAL disaster, but he might have missed that penalty on purpose; who wants Madrid to score as many points as Man Utd?

What about a Man Utd duvet for Xmas? Beware, your gift might be delivered by Osamta, I've been told he's hiding in Lapland.

Tippler dijo...

We couldn't have scored last night if they'd stuck The Little Mermaid in goal.