lunes, noviembre 06, 2006


Monday - back to work, back to reality Monday. I hate chuffing Mondays - second worst day of the week for me only "trumped" by Sundays when the god squad are on patrol. Well, apart from Easter Monday which is nice for religious reasons namely that we get to remember the life and preachings of the jesus bloke by large rabbits delivering chocolate eggs. Don't seem to recall seeing the word "chocolate" in the bible but perhaps I wasn't paying attention. Come to think of it, I don't recall the word "rabbit" in there either.

*nudge in back from conscience* stay away from talking religion.........

Apparently today is the 20th anniversary of Fergie taking charge at Old Trafford. Goth that makes me feel old. I remember Big Ron, and Dave Sexton to name just two of his predecessors. I'm just glad Fergie wasn't in charge of my school football team when I spooned a penalty over the bar in the schools cup final. Still, my football career lasted longer than my rugby one. Unfortunate thing with being Welsh - rugby is the national sport so you have to play it at school. Not the best option for a stick insect like me. Nice career statistics though - played twice, sent off twice.

The games master explained the principles but my intelligence wouldn't allow me to dive to grab someone's feet whilst they were wearing boots with studs. Didn't/doesn't make any sense. So during the first game, when he shouted "stop him" as some fat chuffer ran directly at me, I did. Unfortunately for said, by now running relatively fast lard arse, my Karate was a lot better than he was expecting. Red card and off I went. Similar thing happened in my second game with the same result. Thus ended the rugby career I never wanted anyway.

Didn't break the land speed record on the way back from the airport yesterday. Too busy messing about with the CD player while driving. Anyway, it's too dangerous driving fast - might squash a hedgehog or anything. For some reason, the Spanish are great in straight lines 0-150 kph with no messing but as soon as the road features a bend they stamp on the brakes. It's like being back in the YUK when the first snowflake falls - severe panic attacks (not me, my fellow motorists!).

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

Buenos dias, Master. Today is indeed the second day of the week but we should definitely stay away from talking religion as it is a controversial topic.

About rugby, there would have been an interesting alternative for you: third halftimes, being a pilier de bar.

Tippler dijo...

I often agonised about Good Friday when I was a teenager back in Blighty.

Back then, all the shops were shut and, crucially, the pubs used to operate Sunday hours.

I mean, what was 'Good' about it?

No wonder they nailed the twat to a tree..

SpanishGoth dijo...

The silliest part of the getting nailed to a tree bit was that all he did was express the "Neil from the Young Ones" type sentiment - wouldn't it be good to be nice to each other! Was an Italian referee though - Pontius.

As for the rugby bit I don't even like watching it. When they have one of those scrum things and you see the clouds of steam rising - you have to wonder what they are actually doing........

MKWM dijo...

I like to watch rugby once in a while, although I haven't quite figured out the rules yet.

The getting nailed to a tree (a tree?!) bit was bound to happen.
But let's stay away from this controversial topic, please.
Let us simply be nice to each other, always.

Tippler dijo...

Bollocks. Let's invade Russia.

MKWM dijo...

I'm not a bit surprised here.
Men, warriors from planet Mars!!!

You should invade Venus instead...

MKWM dijo...

On second thought, stay put and start a civil war...

You must know women's motto, don't you?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Coo - bloomey crikey. Sounds like you two are having an ex-lovers tiff ;-)

Women's motto.....could be one of many:-
I go down, you do too
Do the washing you lazy b*strd
Get a job you workshy fop
Get your haircut
(or if you're lucky)
stop it, I can't take anymore ;-)

MKWM dijo...

Didn't I say we should avoid controversial topics? Stop it,
I can't take it anymore...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Oh no, I've done it again Grommit. I could really eat a piece of Wensleydale about now lad.

Beware though - the dark side is flowing back into me..... *laughs* in a throaty, Darth Vader way