jueves, noviembre 09, 2006


I'm not a heartless Goth but I do object to beggars, passive muggers and those attempting to extort money, especially with an accordion. Piss off and take your monkey with you!! Sometimes, like yesterday, I "reach out and touch" a truly worthy person. As it wasn't raining, at last, I decided to go out for a stroll. On my way to the Cathedral, I called in to buy some cigarettes and as I was leaving the shop I saw a homeless person I have seen around for 6 months. Not once has he hassled me for money, fags or "owt" (as they would say in Yorkshite, YUK).

So I stopped and asked him if he'd like to have a drink in the bar that was not 20 meters away from where he was sat - needed a combination of French and Spanish to be understood. He said, with a very sad voice "I'm not allowed in places like that". My reply, and I was in full Goth regalia (coat like Blade etc), was "Fu*k that - you're with me". So I strode in with my new buddie in tow, ordered a beer and a large coffee and dared the barman to do anything about it. After half an hour of talking, I had to make my excuses and leave. I had learnt an awful lot about Paco (that is his name) and why he was in the situation he is and I like to think, for a short time, he regained dignity. Left him my cigs and lighter but stopped short of inviting him home.

Years ago, when I worked for a software house in Leeds, I used to nip into Safeways at lunchtime to buy a cheap sandwich and can of coke. To get there I had to pass the Yorkshire Post building and a homeless person selling the Big Issue. Weeks went by before I finally stopped and talked to him. Our first conversation was "can I get you a coffee or something?" - "I'm ok, but if you can get some water for Bob" his dog, changed over time to "Morning Ian, coffee with two sugars and water for Bob?" - "Nice one, S". One day he stopped me and said "I'm not going to be here tomorrow" - "why?" - "because I have got a job counselling people about drugs - those who have, know more. The Big Issue organised the job, accommodation and now Bob and I will have a warm place to sleep at night". Top Result!!

The moral to the story being, not every beggar is loser. We could all go there - some rise from the ashes.

Hmm, bit positive for a Goth isn't it? - well everyone dies.....(ha, corrected that happy thing)

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

I believe you are a good Samaritan under Goth regalia cover.
In fact, WE regain dignity everytime we reach out and touch somebody's hand.

We are all bound to die, that is true, but what exactly happens then, Master? Is it really the end or merely the beginning of another life form?

Tippler dijo...

I remember wandering out of the Evening Press building in York, up Walmgate and seeing a tramp with a bottle of cider, which he promptly dropped as I passed.

He looked down at the smashed remnants of his beverage, looked up at me then shrugged.

"Occupational hazard," he said.

I pissed meself laffing and gave him a fiver.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ah, yes - but I spent the fiver wisely ;-)

MKWM dijo...

Ah, yes - you probably sent it to MSF. You must be as generous as Meister T.

Oh, and should you see Paco again, please give him my best regards. He will be glad to know he has become famous by now.