jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

The Perfect Gothic Male Day

Ok ladies, you asked for it (the description not the sex thing).

Sleep until sunset
Wake up being stroked in a mysterious fashion
Stretch and then get dressed to the haunting melodies of Evanescence
Have a glass of wine and contemplate the food thing
Be slightly disturbed by concubines calling to remind one about restaurant booking
Depart for an evening of entertainment
Enjoy imparting wisdom whilst eating luscious food
Listen to whispered suggestions about the next course
Partake of extremely satisfying musical event
Return home with concubines
Be lavished in warm soapy bath surrounded by candles
Get softly led to bed and loved to death
Fall asleep before that horrid sun thing arrives again

So, that about covers it I think. Don't need the Little Book of Calm's interference on this topic.

a luego,
Master Goth

8 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

Oh no, you don't need the LBoC at all, this perfect Gothic Male Day is imparting wisdom enough as it is.

Perfect. Master Goth, you sure look on the bright side of life...

Drama Queen dijo...

not at all what I imagined. . .you do continue to surprise.

pissed off patricia dijo...

With a few minor changes that could also be a perfect female day.

SpanishGoth dijo...

It was only an insight into how my mind works. Can make changes if you wish but the general ethos should pervade (none of that botty-burp stuff mentioned in the T-Meister's perfect day)

Must go - suitcase to pack etc *disappears back into the haze* leaving tender kisses in the air for those who choose to collect

Drama Queen dijo...

(*DQ rugby tackles mkwm to the ground, pushes past the slightly pissed off patricia, throws herself up in the air and grabs Goths floaty kisses*)

Safe Trip Goth Boy.

MKWM dijo...

Very unnecessary offensive tactic, DQ, I wasn't even standing in your way!!

Drama Queen dijo...

Yeah but mkwm you know I have to make a drama out of something LOL ;-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Steady on tiger - what's all this rugby tackling about. Give peace a chance.

Now come on, shake hands and let's all be nice and squidgy together.

(thanks for the safe trip thought - don't like flying much but at least there's no mountains could fly into - gaaargh Pyrenees alert)