miércoles, noviembre 08, 2006


This will probably not be the most interesting post ever as I have spent the last 48 hours "nursing" a cold. Therefore I have been drinking herbal tea whilst sat in a sleeping bag (in the front room) watching TV (also causing me to hop around like a one legged kangaroo), or huddled under the biggest duvet in the bedroom I could find trying to sweat it out. In the meantime, for the few hours I had time to cogitate.

I came up with my list of Top Ten TV shows currently showing (here) but interlaced in these muses a list of bizarre thoughts that crossed my mind, which I list first. My blog, my choices. Feel free to comment.

Bizarre thoughts I had:-

- Space discovery..why? So we got Teflon and thus non-stick frying pans but no ET
- If a male rottweiler clamps it's jaws on you, grabbing it by the balls releases the jaws..why? Why/how did someone discover this fact?
- Most Michael Stipe lyrics..why? Don't even get me started on that
- Pigeons can't fart..why? Not that I care but how did someone discover this?
- Pull a fish backwards and it drowns..why? No point of living in water then!
- a blow j...no, better not go down why it's called that
- waiting for a bus, train etc, light a cigarette and it comes
- parents get more childish as they get older..why? We become wiser, or them stupider?
- Mood swings - women have a "time of the month", men a "time of the day"
- old people can remember things from 63 years ago but not that they told you the same story 20 minutes ago

The TV shows, in no particular order:-

- My Name is Earl (freaky but very clever)
- House (Hugh Laurie is ace in this)
- Prison Break (guess what this is about)
- The Dead Zone (based on the S King novel)
- Monk (Tony Shaloub at his comedic best)
- CSI Miami (best of the 3 CSI series)
- Supernatural (dark but don't watch it with anyone who hates The Shining)
- The Simpsons (DOH!)
- Law and Order SVU (black and justice, with Ice-T?! from NWA to a police series...)
- Crimical Minds (FBI profiling with some nice characters)

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

The answer to why/how did someone discover all these facts is obvious, Master: "cogito ergo sum".
You did pretty well yourself in a few hours' time.

PI dijo...

Do you think maybe the water forces its way through the gills when the unusual trajectory opens them? Just a thought!
Everybody here loves the Simpsons and I love Monk - much more thatn House.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Hola Pi,

I actually know the answer to this and it is actually based on physics of biology (sounds bizarre eh?!). The answer is that the gills can only operate in one direction - a backward flow forces them to shut, effectively cutting off the oxygen intake. Looking on the darkside, at least you know how to kill a goldfish now ;-) Be warned though, it doesn't work with Pike. Those rascals have even figured out breathing on land.

Hola to mkwm to - my fave slave girl/boy?!

MKWM dijo...

Hola, Master. Soy una mujer.

Everything is so much brighter now, what has happened?

Tippler dijo...

Your blog has gone very un-Goth like.

You'll be dancing to The Spice Girls next.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Bar Stewards - I told you that I was fookin about with the colours. I got distracted as the chick from Paris was on the phone, then her indoors but in Belgium, then agencies phoning about contracts *whiney voice* "oo, we have a contract to do this" - reply, "read the CV MF then call me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll put some Marilyn Manson on and fix the chuffing computer blog thing...........grrrrrrr

Tippler dijo...

Incidentally, mkwm is most definitely all woman.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Could see that by the order of words anyway - just feeling a little Robert Smith at the moment ;-)

Tippler dijo...

She's not blonde, tho

MKWM dijo...

Many thanks for the compliments, Meister T.

Master S, I forgot to mention that signing any BDSM contract is ruled out...