miércoles, noviembre 01, 2006

Song Number 1 (having a bad day)

I'd like to think, to take the time, wonder for a while
Why my life is fractured, broken and fragile
All I ever wanted was so simple and so true
All that I needed was the person that was you
I'd like to hope that when the tears stream down my face
That you'll be there, holding me, no-one can replace
What you mean to me, what you will always mean
Forever, for always, my love for you remains

I'd hope to think, to take the time, amazed for a while
How my life is fractured, broken, torn and so fragile
Mariposa you call to me, you sing my real name
Media naranja, my lover, esposa, je t'aime

5 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

Beautiful lyrics, you seem to be talented and creative.

No-one is irreplaceable. But love remains, that is so true, and this is why our lifes are fractured, broken and torn.

Cheer up Goth, you'll soon be able to squeeze your Mariposa. Has she landed yet? I wonder how much juice you can get out of half a sweet orange Papillon...

SpanishGoth dijo...

And once I saw a butterfly,
Sad I was it made me cry,
She landed only yesterday,
Hoorah she's back, the perfect day
Is one not born, yet to come
For now, It's just the perfect one

MKWM dijo...

For now, it's just the perfect one, right. A butterfly in the hand is worth two in the bush...

Tippler dijo...

And one in Kate Bush is worth...

Oh, never mind.

MKWM dijo...

And one in Kate Bush is worth what exactly? C'mon, c'mon, express yourself, we want to know!